Watch "FBI Crime Stats Slow The Democrat Anti-Gun Push" on YouTube

Even more proof for those who believe we need more gun control. He lists the facts in the description to back it up.


Anybody with a reasonable number of functioning brain cells, and a willingness to use them, can see that the evidence doesn’t support the anti-gun narrative. Despite the continuing trend of increasing numbers of firearms in private hands, and a huge increase in the number of concealed carry permits issued, violent crime, including murder, continues to decline.

Banning specific guns, or magazine capacities, or scary features, or bullet types won’t make any measurable difference in crime rates. You know it, I know it, all the politicians and leaders of the gun control movement know it, too. It’s actually an integral part of their plan.

First they pass their laws to ban/buy back/confiscate the scary AR and AK style rifles, along with magazines which hold more than ten rounds. Everybody shakes hands, they pose for photo ops, they loudly proclaim a safer America. Then they sit back and wait for those crime numbers to drop.

Only the numbers don’t drop. The FBI stats come out and, year after year, the numbers don’t change much. People are still being robbed and raped and murdered. Nut jobs are still shooting up concerts and carnivals and funerals. Nothing much has changed. All the gun-grabber leadership sits back and grin. All is according to plan. Time for Phase Two.

The politicians put on their ‘outrage’ faces and hit the public airwaves, “We tried,” they say, “We tried so hard.”

“What went wrong?” asks the oh-so-concerned talking head…

“We didn’t fail,” they say. “We did not fail. The problem is, we didn’t go far enough. We were too reasonable, too willing to listen, too willing to compromise. We gave in to the NRA, the rednecks, and the gun nuts.” They hang their heads a moment to embrace their shame.

Stern faced and unblinking, they stare into the camera. “We draw the line here. No more listening! No more compromise! We need to go back to basics, back to our original goals. We need to ban ALL fully semi-automatic weapons, ALL clips holding more than five bullets, ALL these weapons of war. They don’t belong on our streets. No civilian needs these killing machines for hunting or target shooting. We need to get rid of them all; we need to do it so we can keep our children safe. Our. Children.”

Then, when the crime numbers skyrocket, they’ll come back for the Final Solution. Take away all the guns from all the people. Create a long and expensive process in which an ordinary citizen must prove they have a legitimate NEED for a firearm. (Everyday concerns like self defense or varmint control don’t qualify. In fact, only being a politician, or a celebrity, or wealthy will get you a permit.) Limit the quantity of ammunition allowed at any one time. Institute draconian “safe storage” laws which render the few privately held weapons
useless in any practical sense.

That’s their Goal. That’s their plan.

And it’s all For Our Own Good.


Yeah, aaaaaaand then the dictatorship can come in full force with the TYRANNICAL government THEY want and rule all us lowly Americans from their high pedestals and rule or entire lives. It’s happened before and it CAN happen again.

Reminds me of a favorite movie quote.

“Sooner or later they’ll come back around to the idea that they can make people…better.”