Why not carry

What are some or common reasons why some or most Americans do not carry??

Either open or conceal. We have 29 states that are allowing us to exercise this right.

I know that responsibility, training, intimidation, law knowledge and other factors are good reasons.

What are the real numbers out there that people do carry?? I know a lot of people that have their CCW permit and still choose to not carry.


We can never know the real numbers. However, my experience makes me guess that maybe 3-5% of those licensed to carry actually carry on a daily basis.

Reasons I see and hear

  1. I live in a safe area
  2. I’m not allowed to carry at work
  3. I’m not a gun nut
  4. It’s too hard to conceal with my clothing choices/the local climate
  5. The catch all “I just don’t think I’ll need it”

A lot of people, including a lot of people who call themselves ‘gun people’, don’t think they will need a gun (and they most likely won’t), so, they just don’t carry


Or ask the opposite - how many people that carry on a daily basis have actually had to pull their weapon?


Those are excuses.
I think the reasons are lack of knowledge and fear.

I carry 24/7/365 and I have had to use my firearm in the line of duty, once.


You would be surprised by how many do carry but either say they don’t or just don’t share they do. I for one am one of those people it is nobody’s business if I am or not.


We have a dear friend in Texas who told us decades ago, “My daddy told me if I had a gun, the bad guy would take it away from me and use it on me.”
Given the turmoil of society in 2022-23, she and her husband are now re-thinking that approach, at least regarding a home defense firearm.


I have 3 firearms. 2 conceal and 1 for open carry when I am on my property in or out my house. I changed them out like rotation. So each firearm gets a bit of fresh air. All 9mm. Taurus G3 and G2 for concealment and and old Ruger for open carry.


I am POGO pants on gun on.


Nathan reiterated the common excuses I’ve heard. In getting to the bottom line, those excuses boil down to I’m not comfortable with it. Lack of training or confidence, or both. It also boils down to A CCW is cool to have, so got one. But it’s like having a cool classic car that never leaves the garage. I carry most all the time except when going where it’s not permitted, and I avoid those places most of the time. I’ve had to employ my weapon twice, fortunately the weapon did all the talking without having to say an audible word. In the one instance we stopped an abduction, the young lady involved said we saved her life. The point is I believe we saved a life. If that’s not a reason to carry, don’t know what is.


Great topics. IDK. I waited about 10 years since the state I’m in allowed carrying legally. It was not until I decided to repair my grandpa’s old rifle, that I realized I needed a FOID card from the state. From there, I started reading about it, and gained more interest from there.

I imagine there’s the anti 2A mindset of some which dissuades them. Some cannot get over the fears, from varied stories they hear. For others, it can be too much of an expense, all the paper work, licensures, fees, gear, insurance cost, range time costs.

It’s a bummer when a state limits where one can carry, my gripe as well.

I suspect their having a lack of information or education influences their choice.

Whereas for me, it’s a hobby as well.

Aside from the officers in my family, I only know of one relative who has a FOID card, but never applied for a CCL carry permit. A younger relative expressed interest, but not yet committed.

On a semi lighthearted note. I thought I heard that around 2020-2023, there was a remarkable spike in firearm sales and persons applying for permits. I was amazed of the diversity of individuals in my licensure class; I never would have guessed.



To me, ease of carrying is the biggest issue. I have all kinds of holsters from inside the pants to shoulder and blah blah blah. The easiest I have found is a cross body bag. Easy to get to, and super easy to put on. Just throw it over your shoulder. I live in a college town so a lot of people carry bags like this so no one gives me a second look. In other areas of the US, this may look out of place, but it blends in well here!


Great point. Convenience and comfort in our very busy days. I’ll admit, some days I feel like I don’t want to deal with carrying, but then I remember how restrictive it can be, so I say to myself, wait a minute, I got this, and exercise my right where legally allowed.


The simple fact (for me) is now I feel NAKED without it.
My Protection, Family and Innocents safety in this crazy world
makes it a non-starter not to carry.
I’m Trained up, continue that level of proficiency and try to help
others over their fears.
I’m totally selfish! Once I see their Lightbulb go on! and they say
‘This is so cool, I feel better taking charge of MY/Families safety’
Another Gunner is born an added to our ranks. There’s no better feeling
Seeing the great awakening!

But THAT Raymond is a Great line!
Where We Go 1 We Go All!
No Step on Snek !


I’m the same, POGO, and feel naked without it. Like Burdo, it’s a hobby, lifestyle and attitude.

I have several friends who are licensed, have nice weapons, and don’t carry. One doesn’t because he knows he’s a hot head and he decided it’s better to not be armed. I respect that. Another can’t conceal his pistol because it’s too big. Work doesn’t allow it, and he was shocked when we were discussing it, and I showed him the revolver I had on me every day at work. To me, that was an excuse. If you really want to carry you’ll find the right gun and a way to conceal it. I’d love to carry my semiauto and a spare mag every day at work, but it’s too much for business dress clothes, unless I keep my jacket on all day, and Florida is too hot for that. So, I compromise with a 5 shot revolver and a speed strip, but at least I’m armed, and I’m actually a good shot with the little blaster.

In the end, I think for most people who don’t carry, it’s because they like the idea of a gun, and it’s fun to shoot sometimes, but it’s a little much to make the daily effort to dress around it, train on it, and go through life with the situational awareness that comes with it, so they just don’t bother.


Although chances are slim, I may never need it, I carry all the time, because it happens to someone somewhere, and that someone could be me.


I don’t believe in a god, but I say a prayer every morning just in case.
When I was young I thought I was tougher than bullets now I ain’t so young.


Ha! I kike that!

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I do not carry everywhere or every day and no one ever knows if I am.
I agree with the one comment saying no one needs to know if I am or not.
My state, Illinois (yes, give me that groan of understanding) alows for a sigh in the wondow of any building to restrict the 2A, plus I am in law restricted buildings (medical) most days. Carrying for me looks more like leaving it in the car to be honest.
I get the “what they don’t know” mentality, but then I wonder about the protections I have in the event of use in a legally restricted area.
So my “excuse” as everyone is calling it, is that I follow the laws in my state.
Not everyone’s reason is an excuse. I am confortable with a firearm. I train. I don’t make excuses. I follow the laws in my state. (and mine is pretty restrictive on carry locations)
I may not like it, much like I don’t like being told it’s an excuse, but it is what I do, and what many in my circle do. (although I do know a few that don’t follow the law and follow the ‘what they don’t know’ philosophy)


Those are really good reasons to or not to carry…

Then why have a permit to carry if u are not going to make the decision to carry or buy the EDC to conceal carry…

I see it as: I have a permit or license to do this but I decided otherwise…

Not hating, just trying to see who takes 2A seriously, cause the laws are changing for our benefit.

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  1. So that, if you later decide to carry, you can, right then, without then waiting who knows how long to get the permit.

  2. So you don’t have to wait on the NICS check in states where a permit counts as a background check, when buying at an FFL. . So that you can buy a gun at a gun store without a purchase permit, for states that require a purchase permit unless you are licensed to carry

  3. Because a family member insisted they get the license so they did

  4. Because it’s easier to convince other gun owners to sell you their gun, without going through an FFL, if you can show them your carry permit (as allowed by state law)

  5. It makes it much easier to travel with a gun, reciprocity, even for transport in a vehicle to have for home defense in the hotel or at your destination

  6. So that when a family member leaves a gun or ammo etc in the car, it’s legal for the one who has the permit

In my extensive experience, most permitted carriers do not take the 2A seriously. In my experience, most USCCA members, most NRA members, most people who carry regularly, don’t take the 2A seriously.

I get people on this board mad at me at times because I tell them they are supporting gun control and they say no, that law that controls who can carry a gun isn’t gun control, it’s common sense safety.

/rant :slight_smile: