Staring down the barrel

…of a new year!
January is named for the god Janus, a literally two faced fellow

The idea being not political aspirations, but that he could look both into the future and back at History at the same time----something politicians seem incapable of—but Janis fits as the poster boy for the first month of the year because it is a time to consider where we’ve been as well as set a course for where we want to go.
So where do you want to go, shooting wise?
Maybe take a class (which class? How many classes?)
Maybe enter a pistol match for the first time? Or place higher in your league?
How much range ammo is on your shopping list? Or reloading components?
Is it time to upgrade your holster Or gun belt? Or handgun?
Is your spouse ready to accompany you to the range for the first time? Or maybe your child?
What exactly do you intend to accomplish? Whats your shooting new years resolution?

Janus also looked backwards
Pause to think about what you’ve accomplished over the past year
Have your scores/times improved?
Have you mastered a new firearm?
Have you discovered a new source for ammo? Maybe a new place to shoot?

Be critical of old two-faced, if you must however it seems like a delightful way to spend a little time during that enchanted week between Christmas and New Years, no?