Speaking of Locking up your guns

My ultra left leaning sister in law walked into my room the other day and saw this:

She went bonkers! “That’s a gun and you better get it locked up in a safe”! she exclaimed. I looked at the table, knowing I hadn’t left a firearm in plain sight. She couldn’t control herself, “All guns should be locked in a safe all of the time, it’s the laws you know…”. It took me a minute to figure out what the heck she was worried about, THEN there it was in plain sight…


Three words: Red Flag Laws


7 words…telling you how to live your life. :roll_eyes:

Yeah, red flag is how the leftist drama queens will do Bidens bidding. I’d show her out and not let her back.


Am I missing something in the picture or did she think the magazine was a firearm?


I figure, the one who loses it first gets to be locked up. Sorry you have leftists in law in your family. Your room in your home, your rules!

Luckily my entire family is on the same page. 3 kids and 10 grandchildren. Plenty of history, range time and sermons from the Constitution. Plus dinners together every Wednesday and Sunday. Family is what made this country great.


LOL, I spent a few minutes magnifying the image, I kept looking at the bag, it had to be something sticking out of it… Then I saw the murder-death-kill device.
Laughing at the Libs is one thing, but when they are your family it is another. Ask the Dear Abby column?


That evil empty magazine, right?
Tell her “Keep outta my room!”
Does she steal?
Why was she in there?
OK maybe I don’t wanna know!


Surprisingly, she kinda knew what it was. To her it’s a “Gun Part” and to here any “Gun Part” is dangerous…


We have her over quite often. I just have to accept that she will always be her, I can’t change that.


Answer the door wearing this


We’ll I guess locking it up or keeping it concealed on your hip while she is present keeps the peace and her fear to a minimum.

Don’t know if it’s worth your time, but some people can come around with the proper education or re-education!

If anyone should be armed these days it’s young women, NYC is a case or three in point! Stabbed, thrown on the tracks, raped as people video it, states all over are experiencing crimes against the female population. From being run down in the streets to being shot point blank. No one is safe in Brandon’s world! Least of all the ladies.

I have two grown daughters and three granddaughters all of whom, under my tutelage, never leave home unarmed! The oldest granddaughter is marrying the owner of a gun store and range. Can’t wait to get the family discount!

I personally have changed the minds of some very stubborn people. Today they all carry. Not surprisingly it took more than a year. Pre-Covid-19. During the Trump era, it was easy to help people understand the dangers that lurked around the corner! Range time with the entire family helped, everyone was always welcome to try and in some cases sit and watch. They always felt welcomed and involved. I made it fun but safe. I was always well respected on my range, I was known as the Gunny, and unofficially the RSO. I spent 30 years at this range practicing two to three times a week. Turns out, that’s Elon Musk’s salary down range!
I started teaching my girls at age 14 and my grandsons at age ten.

Being in sales for half my life I employed the puppy dog sales technique. It’s usually how the car salesman gets you in the car he wants to sell. He let’s you take it home for a couple of days. That new car smell is addicting and the feel of brand new equipment beats the old car. Put a puppy in a woman’s hands for three days then try to tell her she needs to give it back! Good luck with that!

However, if she freaked upon seeing the high capacity magazine clip, I doubt there’s hope. Good luck.


I sometimes get my black duffle bag confused with my AR too.:grin:


She did at one time say she had thought about carrying a gun, she had some “Gang members” move into her building. But that was a fleeting moment.


Is it because of the range bag or the beaded pices on the table :joy:


Looks like you left a small scale model of California laying out on the bed:

I’ll admit it, California scares me too! You probably should lock it up :grinning:


I’m pretty sure that was just a standard capacity magazine…


Sarcasm! A “high capacity magazine clip”


Would have been funny had you picked it up and pointed it at her and said, are you talking about this?




Ask anyone in my family and that’s me! Momma always said I was special!