Some (Belated?) Advice For Cold-Weather Wear

One point that can be overlooked in self-defense situations is how many movements you have to make just to DRAW your gun. The best type of coat or jacket to wear is one which features a snapped storm-flap, of which we have hundreds to choose from. Unzippered, it will still retain some body heat, and allow you to easily reach inside, and across your body for your gun - this is where a shoulder-holster or cross-draw type can add convenience and speed, aside from having the pockets reinforced to support a handgun. An anecdote about Wyatt Earp was that he had the deep pockets of his long frock coats reinforced with canvas, to carry a full-sized Colt SA. Some residents of Western towns back then frowned upon even LEs who open-carried guns in public. FYI


In winter I carry two, A full sized on my hip and a 5 shot .38spc. or a Beretta Tomcat .32.
in an outside pocket. :slightly_smiling_face:


shoulder holster for me. thinking about carrying a 38 in a coat pocket, little unsure about a holster. still looking for a Rossi 357 3". seems ideal


A 3" would be ideal. A holster would defeat the purpose of a quick draw unless you sewed into the pocket. Both of mine are double/single action so pretty safe. :+1:


yeah my thoughts too. just used to having a holster. weather is mostly not outrageous in WI but don’t care for gloves & hands get cold. use my pockets a lot


In Winter I either carry a 3.7” or 4.5” under a hoodie.


I carry the same gun I carry in the spring and summer. .45 ACP
Now, I work in a kitchen, surprise, surprise! I wear a chef jacket.
oot and aboot I have a Carhart jacket. I wear the holster in the same place with whatever I am wearing.
Uniformity and regularity with no need to change anything else.


Any kind of down jacket or hoodie works for me Carhart jacket are too stiff.

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I have NOT found a shoulder holster that works for me…

want one but can’t find what i want…

LOOK at the FALCO “ROTO” shoulder holster - offered in nylon or brown leather. The body of the holster rotates from vertical-to-horizontal. The one-piece yoke to make this possible also incorporates the security strap and harness straps. You can buy these as full rigs, or “build” your own. Shop CAREFULLY for this holster - FALCO has a detailed gun-finder, and a VERY detailed order format offering several options, including a choice of three different harnesses.

After recognizing the potential VERSATILITY in this holster design, I’ve sent serious proposals to design and develop IWB and OWB belt-worn versions, and chest-carry and bandolier holsters for hunters, campers, guides, outfitters, steel-challenge shooters - or anyone else who needs a holster for these “ball-buster” handguns and calibers. For security, I’ve suggested the “quick-flap”, an option on the old George Lawrence Model 100 - you can see a photo of it on “Vintage Gun Leather Today” - only the grip and trigger are exposed to the weather, and the reversed safety strap functions like a thumb-break. I’m waiting to see when the “copycats” decide to jump onboard.