Conceal carry jackets

Anyone have one, use one? With the colder temps coming to Ohio I have been thinking about getting one. Likes, dislikes? I came across this one yesterday. Opinions?


@NickC. Looks like a nice jacket.


Need something warmer for Wisconsin’s winter. I always liked jackets with double zippers as I carry cross side, nice jacket through.


Yeah it’s definitely a fall/early winter jacket. Certainly not for dead of winter


Similar to a Carhardt jacket which I owned in the past. Looks good, looks warm. Brother @NickC if it keeps you warm and you could afford it, why not. I mean I definitely like the way it looks. You can probably conceal several pistols and knives in that jacket. The price is fair.


I have a couple jackets in that syle from Carhartt and another brand I can’t remember off the top of my head. The first thing that I notice is no liner and I don’t know how well that cotton canvas stops cold winds. I can’t imagine how bad rain or snow soaks into it either.

Edit: Also see if there is any shrinkage expected if washed in a washer and dryer.

That being said, I wear my versions in the 40’s to 50’s… however, mine are both insulated (no holsters sewn in). I like that syle, and usually the heavy canvas stands up pretty well to abrasions against rough objects while working.

IMO, unless you are dedicated to find included sewn in holsters or hidden pockets for CC, check out the Carhartt website. That being said, although I wore Carhartt this last winter, when its really windy, snowing, or sub-zero temperatures, I have a Cabela’s Alaskan Guiderwear Parka that I really like. I don’t know if the quality changed since they were bought out by Bass Outdoors, though. I don’t even see that line on the Cabelas website anymore.


I’m holding out on a Paul Harrell hunting jacket :grin:


I have the NRA Jacket that is very much like this one


NRA and Nine Line both offer well made, nicely fitted carry jackets. I’m certain there are so many others out there. I’m looking forward to seeing some new recommendations!


I have two of the Berne jackets and like them for cold weather. Although not required Detroit Holster sells a clip system for the Berne Adder system.


If you like off body carry. It may not be such, but my opinion is, if it is in the jacket, whether a pocket or a concealed holster, it is not on my person. The jacket might need to be taken off at some point. Then what do you do with the firearm.

Of course, a shoulder holster has a similar problem, if you take the jacket off, the firearm is not concealed, but it is still on your person and in your control.