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My rain jacket meets all my criteria, which is pretty much the same as yours, but it’s a no-name rain jacket straight off the rack, so probably not much help. Good luck, you’ll find the one.

I am a big fan of 5.11 and this jacket seems to fit the bill.

Yeah good point. That’s a good site to check out if you haven’t already. They have a lot of great stuff.

Three things I would have to consider:

  1. pocket size—is the size/angle of the pocket(s) compatible with my pocket holster?
  2. color—I prefer light colors for evening walks for traffic visibility.
  3. I don’t want my pistol pointing at my “boys” when seated.

Not too much to ask, eh?

The GlockStore has a few low key CCW jackets: https://www.glockstore.com/concealment/outerwear

The Berne Echo One One fit the bill for me. It is comfortable, very well-made, and seem to have concealed carry designed-in rather than tacked on. Their patented Adder system, IMO, is brilliant. I bought both the heavy and lighter weight versions as the heavy will very quickly make you too warm unless it’s really cold. The heavyweight is indeed a heavy coat but you’re not cold wearing it. The heavy also has pockets on the inside set up for extra magazines and cell phone, etc… I use a Crossbreed Pac-Mat holster with the Velcro back to secure and it works very well. I haven’t tried the MOLLE setup as you can use either system. Below are pics of both and below that is a link to the Berne site. I can recommend Berne as a very good product. They are on par with Columbia, Carhart, Walls, etc…

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Yes, the Velcro does indeed make some noise when you go for it but…not near the noise that’s fixin’ to happen if things have deteriorated to the point I’m having to draw. I think it may wash out as far as time to draw goes but I have not empirically checked it. If you’re concealed with say just a shirt over what you need to get to, then you still have to lift up the shirt to access it. As you wrote, if inside a zipped-up jacket, there’s another motion or two you have to go through before a grip is achieved. Accessing inside the pocket on this jacket isn’t too bad. It’s a down & up motion that you can get pretty quick at with a little practice. No matter how you look at it though, you’re in a bad position if the aggressor has the drop on you. I hope to never be behind the 8-ball like that. Accessing from a sitting position in a car may be a bit difficult; I haven’t tried it. You are correct and you make a good point regarding access while sitting in a car. Depending on how you draw and your sitting position, you may wind up having to sweep yourself while un-holstering and I’m like you there - I can’t like that at all. That magnet thing is a good idea, btw :+1:

Nine Line has a 3 season that works pretty well. Interior velcro wells for upto full size with 2 magazine pouches on each side above them. Zipped up it’s a warm coat and seems to have some water repellent - but not gore tex or it’s like. Good profile and feels good wearing it. They have a few other options to look at, and I understand they’re willing to help you get where you want to be. Good Vet Company too.

Wood…Like the coat, love my Berne overalls. Thanks for sharing


Expensive but you can get last years model for $$ less. Made in Canada so closest to “Made in America” I could find. Gortex Pro shell. Been wearing mine for several years in a variety of conditions and it does well. Should get 7-8 years of wear out of it before moving on. Perfect for layering. I carry IWB with no tells…

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