Shoulder Holster CCW clothing

I’ve seen quite a few posts on overall CCW clothing with a smattering of shoulder holster suggestions throughout but I’d like a dedicated thread. Strongly considering shoulder holster for comfort while driving. Here in Wisconsin, winter clothing is not a problem but wife and I go to Florida in the spring and would like to carry with shorts and some type of overshirt. That will also help me with Wisconsin summers. Suggestions, please…

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A shoulder holster can be great as long as you ca wear something over it like a jacket, sport coat or an over shirt. Ideally, you do not want anything that will restrict your access the holster like a buttoned shirt.


As a jacket-wearing-man I’m really drawn towards the idea of a shoulder holster, especially in cooler weather and while driving. Shoulder holsters definitely get a lot of flak, though I haven’t carried one yet so I don’t know why. Gotta try it to knock it, I think.


Shoulder holster is my personal preference, Fall, Winter, Spring. But in the summer, I tend to carry on the hip, as less jacket wearing, due to warmer climates. Guess your regional climate affects what you wear. When I use a shoulder rig, I cover it with a shirt or jacket, open, or half buttoned/half unzipped. That way, I do not have to wear a long shirt to conceal a hip placed rig, do not have to untuck my shirt if not want to, and no worry that the firearm or extra ammo will show since it’s not on the hip.

However, if I strap down the bottom sides of a shoulder rig to my belt, it can cause an onlooker to wonder what that is, but it’s so subtle, most folks could not figure it out, so I think. There have been times the straps press down on the space between my neck and shoulders, which can lead to pain, requiring adjustments. I might invest in an Alien Gear Co. brand, to test if it’s more comfortable; Or I might try one which has some elastic play to reduce the tension on neck/shoulder area.

I like the shoulder holsters which carry two extra speed-loaders or magazines on the opposite side.

I find carrying on the waist not as comfortable for me, especially when getting in and out of a vehicle, or sitting down, I feel too much bulk, and or pinching on the holster, I worry the firearm could pop out, as I prefer leather over the plastic or metal holsters, though I know those have their advantages.

I find holsters much the personal individual preference, requiring much experimentation.


Thanks, that helps; I think I’ll try one out. In my county we’re permitted three guns on our CCW, and only three. One of mine is a full-size 1911, and I’ve been wondering how I will carry a big piece of iron like that. It seems like a shoulder rig would be less conspicuous than trying to wear it on the hip, provided the weather is cool and I can wear a jacket.

I have trouble imagining myself putting one on and taking it off every day. It seems like I just wouldn’t wear it and would instead opt for a pocket pistol.

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Even though shoulder holsters are quite comfortable I live in Arizona and have use a Tommygunpack that works for me in any wear it holds a full size 1911 45acp and three extra magazines as well all my other must have gear. It’s very versatile I buckle around my shoulder when nature’s call, and when it’s time to wear jackets or coats.

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Re: “One of mine is a full-size 1911, and I’ve been wondering how I will carry a big piece of iron like that.”
Good luck trying to conceal under a shirt, especially if the holster is horizontal.

No doubt they are very comfy. I decided not to wear one because I wanted my pistol to be in the same location on my body 100% of the time and I knew it was going to be on my hip more often than under my arm. A jacket covered just fine but I knew I wouldn’t be wearing one all the time.

I also know, if and when the fat is in the fire, I won’t have time to think about where my gun is.

Just me, my 2¢.


Shoulder holsters on a budget :

This one seems to fit semi-auto’s a little better:

This one seems to fit revolvers ok also (judging from the photo):
Tacticon (has a coupon code on their website for 10% off)

They each have retention straps with elasticity which easily already self velcro’s to your belt (so less flopping around), and broad padding on the shoulders as opposed to most leather ones, Alien Gear excluded.

You might want to read up on size/fit though.