Social Media: How do you stay safe online?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, CaringBridge, WhatsApp, WeChat, Tik Tok… the list continues to grow. While social media is here to stay, it has changed and morphed since the early days of Myspace offering more features and services with every upgrade.

What advice about social media do you have for those who are starting on their journey to protect themselves and their families?


Great topic!

I make sure it’s known that even “deleting” something that has been posted online does not truly erase it. It’s there. Forever.

Never say something online that you wouldn’t say in person.

Forwarding, retweeting, etc is the same as saying it yourself.

And…don’t be a troll :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Don’t use it. Last year I deleted my Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Instead I call and text my friends and business associates. And some are very happy when they get a handwritten letter and pictures in the mail.
I have soooooo much more free time to waste here now. :rofl:


I told my daughter, and taught her over the years. If you wouldn’t say that, send that, take or receive that picture in front of your mother, your grammy, or myself. Then it’s probably not a good idea to do.

This is only social media sites I use. I had a Facebook that was only used for announcements about our disaster animal rescue rollouts. I quit using that at least 10 years ago.

My daughter doesn’t use social media. Other than a text chain with her friends in it.

If I post something here that is meant to be fun I usually try to emoji and type a byword that it’s for humor only.


Stay off of it, don’t use it, don,t open an account. I have personally known 3 people who have lost their jobs because of :poop: they posted. and they knew better is the kicker. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


Dang! I know one person who did that.

When my kids got their first social media account, I was the first person they had to friend. And they had a friend they are grandparents as well. It was a little added pressure to keep it clean and safe.

Now they are on other platforms that I am not on and I occasionally remind them that social media comments never go away.


Of course the best advice is : DON’T USE IT AT ALL… but it’s not possible these days.
Anyway first of all, don’t share your private information, I even told my kids to use fake names and city.
Don’t even think about real DOB !
Use the information people already know - for LinkedIn, which is “a must” for a business - use Company info only, for WhatsApp nothing more needed than phone number (for these I use and recommend using Google Voice number, so your real number is never shared).
Privacy is the priority at Social Media. If somebody is using these to share pictures of everything in his/her life - this person is already lost, no advice for such person…

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I deleted my Twitter, insta, and fb over 2 years ago. At first it was tough cause I was a social media addict. After a while I learned to live with it and get around to doing a little more. I text or call friends, mail hand written letters, definitely reading more books. The only downside is that I feel out of the loop a lot when some of my friends talk about social media stuff. I do still have YouTube and this forum but that’s it.


Best advice is don’t use it. I deleted mine over 2 years ago and I can still find stuff I posted way back with a simple name search. If you do use it don’t post or say anything you wouldn’t in front of family, close friends, and your boss. As @ScottH stated if you post it it’s there forever even after you “delete” it. If you have these social media sites and want to delete it, your best option is to pay a professional company to delete your internet footprint. They can cost a pretty penny, but if you want your accounts deleted that’s the best way.

If you have kids on social media definitely limit their access to it till you can trust them and the sites they go on. Facebook used to just be for college students and you had to have a college email to create one. Now it’s everyone and anyone and not all of those people are good or honest people. Engrain into your child’s head about talking to strangers and never meeting up with anyone without your knowledge even if the other person claims to be another child. About 2,000 children go missing EVERYDAY don’t let one of yours be one of them.

There are apps you can install on your phone to watch what your kids on on on their phones and computers. You can block certain word searches and even entire websites.

Lastly don’t be mean. It’s 2020 and the world is going through mental health crisis. Don’t be the one to push someone over the edge with cruel or hurtful comments.


Don’t post pictures of vacations, or out of town trips, until your home. Don’t post information about expensive items you’ve acquired. Like others said, don’t be a troll or an internet “tough guy.”


I do use FB, under a fake name, fake email, and a 2FA setup with a virtual phone number. It’s use is for match information as about all the matches I go to use FB and not their websites. Go figure. I also have it locked down to where you can’t find it, and if I do post something you can see it but you can’t share it. I rarely post anything. Anything on the net, as has been said above, lives somewhere, forever.

I do use regular email with my family, frequently.


Love it! And I agree. You can provide the right information without being a keyboard warrior if someone is incorrect.


Lol my last Facebook post other than happy birthday was this
I drove Hwy 45 this morning between Oshkosh and Fond du Lac and counted 20 cars without headlights and 3 of them were white. Which was on the Feb 9th during a snow storm and it was posted on the Sheriff’s dept Facebook page


There are so many dangers to the internet and sadly we haven’t even brushed the surface.

My advice for parents:
Age limit @ maybe 14+ [Alone anyway]
No social media because of what happened to a child from my parish…
I showed the video once that went on an investigative serious but will post again if anybody interested… In short, he is with the Lord because of deceit did online.

Web of Lies: