Social Media and Legal Defense Don't Mix!

If you are ever in a self-defense incident, PLEASE do not discuss it on any social media until it has completely gone through the legal system.

I cannot imagine the stress and adrenaline dump after a self-defense incident, but I understand the need to talk about a situation. Please find a safe outlet for that discussion, i.e. a defense attorney, your religious leader, or a therapist.

Why is this important? Anything you share via social media will be reviewed by the DA. If there are any discrepancies they will be used against you. Also, it can be twisted to say you were bragging. I have heard of numerous cases that were about to be settled when someone posted something on social media and blew the case up.

Please be safe and don’t talk about things on social media until after all of the legal matters are resolved completely.

Any questions about social media and legal defense?


I will add that if you see this type of post you should flag it for the site administration.


Thanks! You can also drop the link to this topic as a comment in the thread if someone posts like that.

I can’t fault someone for looking for reassurance after such a horrific experience, but I want them to be as safe as they possibly can be - which means no posting about the situation.


AMEN! You should never post facts or opinions of any type of legal interaction on social media or even speak to others about it except your spouse or your attorney. What you say can and will be held against you. This applies to any event that MIGHT lead to criminal charges and even more benign incidents such as a car accident.
I have seen multiple admissions of guilt on social media and even worse in sites like Avvo where people can ask attorneys questions and they spill their guts online.
I have seen so many people who know they have the right to remain silent, they just don’t have the ability.


Unless your name is Jack Wilson.


If people only knew how important remaining silent but asking for an attorney is!

Do you know how many times I’ve thought to be helping police but looking back, you are able to see what they were doing in the questioning!

Although far from a criminal and very innocent, I looked back && seen where it could have been twisted for my harm.

I’m trying to work on my mouth now and, I have nothing to be silent about other than for self-good && listen more.


I have to shake my head at this. I’ve seen it too, but please people, don’t do it! You legal defense is as important as your physical defense.


Here’s just a small sample of what some people and their family/friends post on Avvo! You can’t make this up!

How long would I have if I’m on house arrest and cut off my ankle moniter ?
I’m charged with burglary, assault and criminal mischief

Can I lose my license going 81 in a 55 while having my restricted license?
I was going the same speed as a car in the lane next me but they were further up. I wasn’t paying attention and before I passed the cop on the side of the road he hit his lights. I got another ticket 9 months ago but did traffic school. I am technically past the 6 month period of having my restricted license but I haven’t done the classes to get my unrestricted.

I’m writing for my fiancee, Ethan XXXXX
Felony possession of stolen property, Felony second degree burglary, Grand theft
He returned most of the property.
Next court: 1/27/2020 Roseville, CA Out on $80,000 bail
On PRCS in Sacramento county PO violated for not contacting. First violation, was doing really well. Has had a job since release.
Misdemeanor violation of probation for DV in Placer County 1/30/20
Bench warrant issued 1/17/20


Does that make it not a crime? :thinking: :roll_eyes: :woman_facepalming:


That pretty much makes it an admission of guilt!


@MikeBKY Ethan is in California. All he has to do is claim “Illegal Alien” status and will go free.


If anyone wants to read and understand the need for silence, then get and read the book… You have the right to remain innocent. That is the title. Cheap, easy to read for the layman, available on Kindle, and not a diatribe against the police or criminal injustice sytem (my words).
It does point out the need for keeping your mouth shut in any contact with police. Even if the maxim… What you Heard is not what I said is true. It will still be people who can’t avoid jury duty listening to police officer and persecutor twist to their advantage. Never ever talk to police without an attorney present.
Never ever put anything in writing in any form. It can be twisted quite easily to the advantage of the persecution. Especially, if you are truly innocent.


This is not criminal but another example of what people ask attorneys. Tell me what she wants if you can understand it.

Wrongful Death - Will I be able to do anything?
My mother a year ago due to blood clots. She was married and lived with him for two weeks, and that was fifteen years ago. He left and took her car and went to another state to see another woman. Myself and siblings want to pursue a lawsuit against the doctors. I would like to know can I get him for abandonment. Because of them been married well I be able to pursue the lawsuit.

All I gather out of that, brother @MikeBKY, is she is seeking money in any way shape, form, or fashion.

God bless her, I don’t mean to make light of her life situation but that’s all I’m gathering (I hope she just had a few too many drinks).

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But I can’t tell if she want to sue the doctor or “get him for abandonment” whatever get him means? Don’t know if he is the father? I cannot imagine he is the father of her and siblings when they were together for 2 weeks fifteen years ago.

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There was much confusion and rambling in her request, Was that sent directly to you?

I do pray for her though!

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No, it was not sent to me. It was posted on Avvo, a sight where people can ask lawyers questions.

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Gotcha, sir!

I was not aware of how that Avvo app worked.
Maybe a good civil lawyer will help her out for any finances or property loss’ she endured in this trying time.

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After many years decrypting social media posts, here’s what I got out of her comment:

Her mom died. The guy her mom married 15 years ago abandoned her mom after two weeks of living with her (15 years minus 2 weeks ago ish). She and her siblings would like to sue the husband for abandonment so they have the money to sue the doctor.

I’ve also applied some of my intrinsic mom interpretation skills in there too. :wink:


I would say that’s some awesome decoding! Have you ever considered applying for the FBI? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m laughing but they are hiring lol
But we would miss you too much here so that’s not an option!!!