Slim streamlined holster for SIG p320 X5 LEGION

In need of a nice slim holster for a Sig p320 x5 legion. Beast of a gun and the holsters ive seen so far are all HUGE.

Its not something i would ever EDC but would certainly run it with a battle belt or on a plater carrier perhaps.

Mostly want it for training with a full loadout when i have the opportunity to be on an outdoor range in practical training scenarios, shooting and moving.

Something with some modularity and adaptability as far as placement would be a huge plus, and if those factors were up to my standards i would be willing to overlook some of the bulk of the holster.

Thanks in advance for any possible help ladies and gents!


Welcome to the family brother and you are in the right place at the right time. Be blessed.

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I have a 938 legion and use a blackpoint tactical AIWB comfortably.

There is a model for the 320 x-five legion too

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Good morning brother thanks for helping that young man out. I don’t have a Sig but I may have been able to recommend some kydex companies, Concealment Express, Bravo Concealment Etc.

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Always happy to help. Finding a holster for the legion series can be challenging. Blackpoint tactical is the best from what I’ve found. They have a partnership with Sig too and some models are available on Sig’s website directly too.

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That’s good to know lil brother because who knows I may purchase a Sig in the future. My cousin has the P365 and never leaves home without it. But my AR15!will be purchased first.

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Try BDS Tactical, they sell and infinitely adjustable hip/drop holster that securely holds a variety of full sized handguns with or without a mounted light. Quality is excellent & reasonable price

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