Sig p365 w/PL Mini 2 Holster

Hello all,

After much research I have purchased the Sig P365. I had all intentions of purchasing the Streamlight TLR 6 and IWB Tulster holster for the combination.

Well I’ve come across the Olight PL Mini 2 light which from what I’ve seen, fits the p365. The problem is that I can’t seem to find an IWB holster that fits the combo.

At this point it doesn’t matter whether kydex or leather holster because it seems I don’t have to much of a choice if any lol.

Does anyone have a preferably comfortable IWB holster or good light choice for the p365 and a holster that fits that light?

All help is appreciated greatly! Thanks!


Try I have the Sig P365 SAS with the lima lazer and they made one to fit my setup the “Bisect 2.0”. I do know they deal with Olight mini 2 Valkyrie because thats what I have on my P320. Only problem is they are not accepting new orders right now because of Covid 19.

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I have a P365 w/TLR6 and found a good selection of compatible holsters from Crossbreed. I don’t recall every maker I looked at but with a general internet search for the gun w/light, I did find a nice selection of holsters. Went with Crossbreed.


How are you liking the TLR6? On video, it seemed kind of dim compared to others.

Thank you! I will check it out!

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I haven’t had a need for it yet, thankfully, but when I checked it out at night in the house, I feel like it will serve my purpose, with the light and red dot. I can’t spend whatever I want, but must work within a budget- I may have gotten something else without that restriction, but am pleased so far.

I buy my Kydex holsters from and they can take care of your needs. All custom made but they have a 5 to 6 week lead time. I have the Sig P365XL with the olight pl mini 2.