Holster for Sig Sauer M17

Acquiring a new P320. Putting a normal size red dot on top. Having an issue finding a holster that would fit the Streamlight 2HL attached or any other Streamlight/Surefire Laser/Light combo.

Setup is for my mom, and she’s likely not taking the appendix carry approach or open carry.
I wanted to be able to get her something that is comfortable for her to carry on her person more than just leaving it and forgetting it in the car or in the house somewhere.

If I can’t find the holster to hold this setup, do I just recommend having ONLY a light for a safariland holster or getting something like the Alien Gear holsters with no underbarrel attachment so she can choose the carry with the full package option?

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Try kaosconcealment.com they have alot of holsters for surefire equipped pistols

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Thanks! Just checked; only have the universal P320 holster, no light option for Sig lol

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Check “Tear 1 Concealed” or “Legacy Firearms Co”.

These may be a little expensive, but in my opinion you cannot find better quality and comfort.
Both companies have a lot of weapon lights options.


Thanks! I have a T1C Axis Elite for my Glock 45 with the Streamlight TLR8AG. It seems that what we’re going for might be with Legacy Firearms holster LIGHT BEARING CRONUS (IWB)


I have a custom kydex holster for my M17. It is made by a company called Black Point Tactical. They make Sig holsters that are also for sale on the Sig website.

Go to the Black Point Tactical website. You will be able to order a holster for your exact Sig with attached accessories. I have two of them and they are terrific. I have a TLR-8 light/laser and a red dot sight on the pistol and the holster fits perfectly. Good luck and welcome to the Community!


As a retired 38+ year LEO with 35 years as a FI for my department, I have a box full of concealed carry holsters I’ve tried over the years. I’ve always subscribed to the KISS principle with duty firearms which carries over to off duty carry. I’ve never been a fan of ‘hung on’ external gun gear. Crimson Trace laser sights have always been my favorite ‘extra’ sight package as they fit in your standard holster & are easily disabled.
Since retiring to NC I had a real problem with sweat soaking through leather holsters & rusting my firearm. I found an IWB holster I love by accident and the company is 30 miles from my house. My current CC holster is a “N82 Tactical” (Nate squared tactical) Kydex Pro model which has built in retention, waterproof & suede leather backing. No more sweat soaking through. Also as I’ve aged (76 & counting) the best/brightest night sights I’ve found are ‘Night Fision’.


Welcome, sorry can’t help with the holster.

Try Bravo Concealment or L.A.G. Tactical