8/14 Slim streamlined holster for SIG p320 X5 LEGION

In need of a nice slim holster for a Sig p320 x5 legion. Beast of a gun and the holsters ive seen so far are all HUGE.

Its not something i would ever EDC but would certainly run it with a battle belt or on a plater carrier perhaps.

Mostly want it for training with a full loadout when i have the opportunity to be on an outdoor range in practical training scenarios, shooting and moving.

Something with some modularity and adaptability as far as placement would be a huge plus, and if those factors were up to my standards i would be willing to overlook some of the bulk of the holster.

Thanks in advance for any possible help ladies and gents!
Looking forward to a dialog!

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Almost any MILSPEC drog-leg holster will work great. A MOLLE holster for a plate carrier isn’t expensive and most are universal (size adjustable to fit pistols from sub-compact to full size). My EDC for years was a P250C…until Sig discontinued them and said no more parts support. They told me to buy a P320 instead, and I told them to take a flying leap. I sold the P250C and all accessories and bought M&Ps. Point is this: that P320 will fit in these style holsters just fine.

You might consider a company called Black Point Tactical. I bought one for my light mounted Sig P320-M17. It is the best Kydex holster I own. It is compact and form fitting. Best of luck.

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Check out the lineup of holsters from Vedder Holsters. For Kydex holsters, that’s where I’d go. They have OWB and IWB options that will work for you. I have their light tuck IWB/AIWB holster for my P320 Nitron Full Size, P320 X Compact, and P365 MS. I’ve been very satisfied with their holsters and since the ammo shortage has me playing with my revolvers more, I may actually end up with one for my Ruger LCR. I’m not affiliated with them in any way, but if you take a look at their holsters and want to learn more, check out their factory tour on YouTube. Their operation in FL is very impressive.