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I’m looking for a holster for the Sig 320 legion. I’m a big alien gear guy but they don’t make one for it. I’m looking at crossbreed holsters. But I didn’t know if anyone knows of any other gun holsters that are good and comfortable? Thank you for you advice.

Check this thread:

Are you looking for IWB or OWB? Kydex or Leather?

My favorite manufacturers are

  • Tucker Gun Leather
  • JM4 Tactical

I like that their holsters don’t wear the firearm.

Prefer iwb

Comforttac has a belly band that has been the best I have come across and for only $20 is hard to beat . I bought 2.

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clingerholsters.com has multiple p320 holsters but I’m not sure if any fit the legion. Contact their customer service.
Personally I carry a 5" 1911 RH IWB, and a Sig P365XL OWB LH as a backup in clinger holsters. Both conceal VERY well. Clinger Holsters pull the heel of your grip in so well you can typically use a loose t shirt for a cover garment.

I’ve also dealt with their customer service multiple times for miscellaneous requests (not for problems) and they’re awesome!

I will echo Smiddy on the Clinger. I’ve ended up with the locker full of various holsters tried for use with about 5 different favorite carry semi’s and have settled on the Clinger (was called “no print wonder”) kydex IWB. It. Is THE MOST comfortable way to carry all day and not print my SIG P220. Adjustment of height is critical to get the pistol grip tucked into the space above your hip, No print and No pain.

I’ve seen this topic pop up quite a bit from time to time and everyone has their favorite brand and of course the bin in the closet full of holsters that didn’t qualify for the honors of EDC.

My recommendation would be to buy any holster that puts leather between you and your firearm. I wear outside the waste and the holsters that don’t protect me from the sharp edges and protect the firearm from rusting from my salt end up in my bin.

Crossbreed’s, “Combat Cut” style fit the bill.


I have ap938 legion, and soon p226 legion, and found myself in the same situation. Due to the taller sites the standard alien gear, and other manufacturers, holsters do not fit.

I went with the Mitch Rosen leather from Sig’s site and love it for owb and Blackpoint Tactical for the IWB kydex and also love it, plus it has an attached mag holder and is appendix carry, which I prefer.

OWB Leather from Mitch Rosen

AIWB Blackpoint Tactical

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I second this. That being said, is not my primary holster. I use this when I wear gym shorts or sweats. You could use this as a primary holster, but you need to pay attention to wear (it will eventually wear out though mine is over a month old with use and still %100.) It will fit just about any gun, definitely yours (fits my shield really well, I’ve actually got my full size M&P in it but the sights get caught during a draw. With some cutting (according to the manufacturer) it will fit. If you do get this option make sure you get the “deep concealment option”. There is a release button that you want outside of your wasteband.

I really like this belly band as far as comfort go. I do not like the button I have to unfasten in order to draw. It slows drawing down. However, I can wear this with sweats and gym short. It would work with any outfit and you can adjust it in many ways. Good option, I prefer kydex, but it works. It allows me to carry during moments I wouldn’t be able to.

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True, It probably will wear out, but for the price of 1 kydex I can get 3 of these and have a new one in a few months. I dont normal use the strap unless being active.

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Absolutely! Definitely a great product for the price. I’ll have to text that out. I worry about not using the strap, but I jumped and bent with it on and never had issues. I’ve seen some that don’t have a strap as well.