Situational Awareness - Walking with Children

I know this is highly unlikely to happen… But how horrible:

This woman randomly slashed this 3 year old’s face while the child was holding the parents hand. Poor thing. So sad!! That woman is horrible!

It makes me realize that I must be extra vigilant while I have my children with me. I hope nothing like this ever happens.

The only way I can think this would have been different is if the parent would have been more aware… Like 100% of the time. That is quite difficult to do.

all that comes out is O M G!
“more aware~”
that’s just so insanely hard to do, especially when it’s all you can handle dealing with a child sometimes. And worse, it seems entirely anonymous and a random act. Evil among us…

Just theoretical question:
Would it be justified if I will shoot this woman from my EDC? Of course in the moment she came back for the second child…

I know!! I’m not sure there was anything that the parent could have done to stop this. So sad! It appeared that the parents may not have even realized what had happened until she came for the 2nd child.

One thing that bothers me about this situation is that the parents don’t really respond AT ALL until the woman goes after the second child. They are the protectors, and they are just STARING. Create space at least!!

I would like to think I’d spring into action faster, but maybe not?

Yes, when she came back, I believe you would have been 100% justified in shooting her. That knife IS a deadly threat. Not when she was walking away the 1st or 2nd time though.

However, I’m just not sure the parents knew what she did to the first child. Other than something “bad” that made the child cry. Something “bad” doesn’t call for deadly force (Many things make children cry), although as parents, we are obviously very protective of our children.

Best/better case scenario, the parents react very quickly, create space, and evaluate the level of threat. Unfortunately these parents didn’t react at all until she tried to attack again.

Now if they saw the knife, and were armed, this terrible woman may not have left the scene.


Yes, when she went after the 2nd child, she was a direct, imminent threat. Regardless if it was with my gun, or my bare hands, she would have been on the pavement, bleeding.


Totally agree!

Not having the audio to add to our awareness, it really appeared something about the woman’s change in behavior when walking away after injuring the first child alerted the parents and they started pulling away. Almost as if there was a verbal threat the wife heard as she started her second approach. And she was fixated on the first child at that time. Maybe the wife saw the blade?

And remember, even a moderately sharp knife can cause an easy laceration with little pain at first to the injured. The child may not have really known what was going on until he/she saw blood on their hand. The attack almost looked like a caress, with a razor blade, straight razor, or anything 2 inches or less would have been easy conceal, easy to lacerate.

@Jerzy If I had known what happened the first time, and the woman turned to come back again - as she did… I’d have been right there with you. An imminent threat of great bodily harm, opportunity, and apparent intent. The totality of things in that moment would have caused me to draw my weapon find a clear angle to backdrop and stop the threat.

Afterthought: I’d try and detain her too. She’s already proven to be a threat to others, it would be unknown how soon after she left the immediate surrounding that she could attack again. I’d be screaming my head off warning others near her if she didn’t respond to my efforts to keep her there until authorities arrived / medical care came 0r we bugged out to nearest urgent care site.

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Another difficulty in this situation is the parents and the children were very close to the traffic in the road. They couldn’t take their hands off of the children and focus on the threat, because of the traffic. Terrible situation!

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That situation is really scary. Definitely it was not chance to predict her first move, but once the parents saw the threat they should react differently. They were surprised… I think my reaction would be to kick her ass, not draw my weapon. It’s faster to react with hands moves than drawing from holster.

Anyway, I always keep my kids on the middle, between me and my wife, this way children are somehow protected from a threat.

That would be a case of drt ( dead right there) when she came back towards the little girl.

Hard to tell for sure because of where the video starts but it appears she was walking around with the knife in her hand fully exposed so if people had been paying attention she might well have been stopped before getting to the child.

Stark reminder of two things, one that the world is full of evil people and two, when you have small children with you, you absolutely have to be ever vigilant and double your normal situational awareness.


I don’t think the parents knew what really happened until after it was all over. Even when she turned to the second child, the parents were looking at the assailant, not the injuries. The whole thing was over in 11 seconds. But you really have to wonder why?


This made me realize even more that I have to against my personality (I’m more non-confrontational by nature), and have to make myself immediately respond and create space, even if it turns out that the stranger wasn’t trying to do anything. I’d rather be embarrassed than have something bad happen to me or my family.