This is why carrying and situational awareness is important

If your face is in your phone when you are out of the house, then stupid things like this can happen:


Wow… crazy people are everywhere…

  1. carrying
  2. situational awareness
  3. preparedness (missed in that case)

This woman should be on the ground the moment she tried accessing the kid in yellow shirt.


Exactly, after the first kid she is a deadly threat and needs to be stopped by any means necessary preferably a gun.


I don’t know when that is from, but I think I’ve seen it before (and while ago).

Gotta say, if that’s my family of four, and she’s got that knife, and she’s going at my kid with it…game on doesn’t even begin to describe what comes next

Edit: It’s from 2019


Tbilisi, Georgia… the Country where women are stronger than men… especially when we talk about kids…
No wonder why mom acted more aggressively than dad…


I have 5 kids and seeing this for the first time got me quite upset. It also shows the importance of situational awareness, always carrying and like @Jerzees said being ready.


I’m not sure that’s a fair assessment. Given the angles and their body positioning and her casual walk up, I can totally see how he wouldn’t realize exact what was going on at first.

Then he did, and he made sure to put himself between her and kid (same as mom did)

Then he made sure mom had a hold of both kids

Then he went after her, fast, hard, immediately after mom had both kids’ hands.

He did, and he’s not wrong for it, back off when she waved a large knife in his face…can’t blame him for that (wouldn’t blame him for running through the knife, either)

I have no problem with his response or actions at a first look

Edit: Let’s also keep in mind, we have hindsight. We know she was acting alone. In that instant, can you know she doesn’t have someone working with her and crap is going down behind you as you chase her away?


This video is a great example how to think about self defense.
Carrying the firearm is actually the least important. It isn’t of course unnecessary, but other factors get priority.

As you can see, even he or she would draw the gun, it was already too late - kid got cut in the face.

So situational awareness and preparedness are more important to save yourself or others before the bad stuff begins.


It was stated here just a day or so ago that ‘Situational Awareness’ can’t stop EVERY THING!
Well DUH! of course not!
But it’s a HUGE But! If you stay sharp and are in Sit Awareness you CAN and WILL prevent a lot of Bad SHITE from happening to you and yours.
and that’s TRUTH!
Crazy people don’t walk around with a sign around their necks (usually)
This Woman appeared to keep her shite together right up to the attack.
Life isn’t fair and bad shite happens but if you scan and swivel you can and will keep your family safer and see stuff before it happens
and as we always say the TRAINING gives you the edge to see before things happen.
I’ve seen and done stuff prior to an attack by letting the skell know that ‘I KNOW YOU ARE A POS and it ain’t happening’! Some say AVOID eye contact. Well, that’s up to you. If you want to look away and whistle ‘everythings fine, nuthin’ to see here!’ that’s up to you. Me I give them the Don102 ‘LOOK’ and they wet themselves! (Just kiddin’ Levity time!)
We have to do what suits us

Be careful out there
Stay Frosty
(and just for the record learn Krav Maga. A throat punch in this case would have been Justified!)


Oh yeah. She’s DOWN!