BRUTAL! The Consequences of Lack of Awareness

Mother & daughter wiped out in the street. Tragic. A little awareness would have saved their lives.
Look at the shorter one walking with her bags. Completely oblivious.


OMG, I really don’t think I’ll ever un-see that.


They literally never knew what hit them.


Oh shyte! That was messed up.


I’m not so sure they would have had a clear view of that vehicle coming even if they were clearly looking around. They may well have looked before they started crossing the street and saw that there was no traffic in sight or the traffic was stopped in the direction the car ended up coming from. There was also a car right beside them turning to the left blocking their view just before the vehicle came through.

The killer also may have swerved around other slower moving or stopped cars just before going through the light. The victims were just coming from a concert so their ears were likely ringing and with all the other traffic moving around it could have been hard to hear that there was a car racing towards them.

Even if they did see it coming I’m not sure they would have had time to dodge. That car had to be going over 100mph on busy city streets! Maybe if they were a little more aware they might have gotten out of the way. Maybe not.

With a car turning left beside me I would likely think that direction was clear and start looking in other directions for potential threats. I would have been concerned about the car turning right just behind me and the potential of cars turning left across my path. Not sure I would have been looking in that direction for a car moving at that speed on those roads. Hopefully my ears would have alerted me but without sound in the video I can’t be sure they would have in time.


Remember kids,…. Look both ways before crossing the street!

Looked to be going 90+…. At least for the victims it would’ve been instantaneous.


I’ve watched a lot of horror flicks in my life, I’ve seen death, but that caught me off guard. I didn’t expect it that fast.

I don’t care how you look at this, the blood is on Biden’ hands!
There wasn’t this much lawlessness until the great and powerful idiot took office! He is responsible for his citizens!
The driver definitely deserves the key to the cit… wait, wrong universe, no, no, wait this is that universe! The driver is a good boy and needed to eat at his favorite restaurant! Isn’t this how things work now :question:

We’ve gone off the deep end. This country needs to be sanitized and law and order brought back! Mental illness my a$$, that’s who’s running the country!

…and no, I don’t think they would have seen it coming, unless they gave some time and a really good look and listen!


I’m not sure situational awareness would cover that. When you are crossing on a green light can you see like two city blocks sideways (after you have already entered the street, with cars to your side blocking your view as you go) which is what it seems like you’d need to with how fast they were going?

I don’t think there is any blame on the people walking, really. I like to think if I was in that situation I’d see them coming, but…IDK? Can/do you really look both ways after you are already in the street, and look a block or two away, and then react and move in time? I really don’t know that it’s possible to avoid that

Throw the book at that driver


I’m not a big fan of the death penalty for a variety of reasons. But if I was a family member or friend of these victims any sentence less than life in prison would be very upsetting to me. And preferably there would be some very hard labor involved doing things the driver would be really uncomfortable with.


At the speed the guy was going, most likely if the driver would have made a radical move with the steering wheel he would’ve flipped the car.


I’m not a lawyer but it looked like murder to me.

He is facing two counts of involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action in the deaths of the mother and daughter

Judge Annette Llewellyn overlooked a probable cause statement arguing he is a danger to the community, allowing him to be freed on a $20,000 bail


It seems to me, these days, that you will get out on bail unless you, point blank, infront of a tv news crew, shoot someone in the head.


The speed that happened at,I don’t think the pedestrians awareness would have helped.


Well, you can attack and kick NYPD officers in the head, on camera and in full view, and not even get bail, just a pass to walk free. I’m not sure you wouldn’t get a nice low bail in some cities committing murder on camera.


What we need is more common sense driving laws to keep anything like this from happening again.

Sorry to make light of such a serious situation, but isn’t letting this murderer out on such a low bail making light of this situation?

I like how the article says “allegedly” sped through a red light


This “very upstanding young man” (according to his lawyer) wasn’t simply exceeding the speed limit. It looked like a lot more than 70mph to me but even 70 on those kinds of streets with that kind of traffic is insanely excessive. And it’s not like he was caught trying to make it through a yellow light that had just turned red. It was red for a good while before he went blasting through it.

My wife, who was driving at about 118mph down our never busy freeway to try to get me to the hospital in time as I was in the process of dying from a heart attack, slowed way down when she got into town and stopped for all the red lights till it was safe to proceed. What was this guys excuse for being in such a rush that he couldn’t stop for a red light long enough to let some pedestrians cross the street?


Wow, I’m glad she got you there in time!

I’ll try to keep this polite. He is the only one who’s life matters to him. Everyone else is just an inconvenience to his kind. At least he is back on the street to continue his “good boy” ways. I am so fed up with all this soft on crime equity crap.


She got me there with about 5 minutes to spare before my heart stopped completely. If I wasn’t in the hospital when my heart stopped (took them 25 minutes of CPR before they could finally get it restarted) I wouldn’t be here today.

I remember doing a few stupid and reckless things in my younger days but never in a way that would have put so many people in so much danger as this “upstanding young man” did.


We already have laws for this. Vehicular hamicide, speeding, reckless driving and many more come to mind. What we need is enforcement of those laws with real consequences if you break them.

For instance, this guy should be publicly put to death on pay per view. Given no bail, fed bread and water until his sentence is carried out within a few weeks. We already have laws. We don’t need more. Enforce the ones we have to the max.

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Kind of like gun laws then?