Knock out

Here’s a video of a guy knocking out a grandfather pushing his grandson in a stroller. The grandfather goes down and in the process he turns over the stroller with a months old child in it.

I think I would draw and shoot this SOB but at the end of the video you can see him opening the door to his truck. As the title of a resent thread says: keep your head on a swivel!


I wonder if there was anything that precipitated that, or what precipitated that…I only watched the video of the incident itself with no sound, not listening to reporters so maybe I missed something.

But what stands out to me is the attacker walks out into the street on a beeline for the guy…and the victim does nothing. Doesn’t break stride, doesn’t turn to face the dude, doesn’t even look at him. The attacker even does the “look around for witnesses” “furtive glance” or whatever you want to call it, that is super obvious if you’re watching…victim seems to have no clue.


Nathan, I also did the very same thing, Watched w/o sound.
I can only speculate that there was previous ‘bad blood’ between the two.
Be that as it may I believe William nailed it by the ‘Head on a swivel’ reminder
and then there is the following We Gunner’s thoughts of Be Aware, Vigilant don’t go to stupid Places…etc.
If this poor guy w/ the stroller and toddler ‘wished’ for avoidance he got that wrong.(My Opinion)
If you ‘wish’ to avoid somebody don’t walk past the person’s house. Yes, you have the RIGHT
to walk anywhere you please (usually), but to NOT look for Threats when doing so is just S***Stupid.
You could get very DEAD.

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According to the commentary, which I only listened to a few moments of, this guy assaulted another random person shortly before or after this event. Both of Asian descent so possibly a hate crime? Hope along with all the other charges they also get him for child endangerment. Not only from the injury the baby suffered but also leaving the baby in the middle of the street exposed to traffic.

It looked to me like it is possible the victim was reacting to the attacker by trying to create distance and cross the street. But either way he didn’t react to the attackers continued approach. This is a case where pepper spray may have come in handy.

Since this was an attack on a minority maybe this guy will actually get some jail time instead of the usual letting violent criminals walk without even a slap on the wrist treatment?


Big tough guy sucker punching old men and juveniles. Just how weak and pathetic must someone be to have to go around sucker punching defenseless people in order to show the world how “tough” they are?


Thank you Alexander and Shamrock for ‘filing in the blanks’
It’s what was originally thought but the meaning of the attack is complete for me.
Fat, Angry, A Racist and Stupid is no way to go through life.
If he doesn’t go to Jail (this is kalifornski after all) No bet!
He will prolly die there if he does, an MS13 will carve him up real nice.
If he doesn’t someone ‘Badder’ or a Patriot will blow him away.
You don’t make Old Age being a Racist bully too often
Karma has a way to even things out.


The young boy said he fought back but shouldn’t have to. I say we shouldn’t have to but we do have to. With out fighting back bullies will think they can get away with this. Fighting back is the only thing that will deter cowardice.


When someone is actively attacking you there are usually only two choices. Curl up in a ball and hope they don’t permanently injure or kill you or fight back in order to try to prevent them from seriously injuring or killing you.

Unless I’m already on the ground and being attacked by a grizzly where playing dead is often the only viable option I will most likely be choosing to defend myself.


If you don’t know the front of a hat from the back…

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Who were you talking about? The criminal, or his allies in the DA office?

I mean, at some point you stop blaming the criminal for doing what is in his nature, and start looking at the next agency related to crime. In CA case, you need to look even past that, to the electorate.


I am legally only allowed to react directly against the imminent threat even if there are greater threats in place creating the environment for the imminent threats to thrive in.


“I think I would draw and shoot this SOB but at the end of the video you can see him opening the door to his truck. As the title of a resent thread says: keep your head on a swivel!”

I’m not sure you could legally do that. There is no clear indication of danger before the incident. The attack itself is over as quickly as it began, and there is no indication of clear, imminent threat of life or severe bodily injury in the aftermath as the attacker walks off.

My first reaction would be to get someone to call 9/11 while I got a camera on that guy’s license plate on my way to render aid to the victims. Doing that of course while remaining vigilant that escalation was a possibility.


Glad that guy was quickly arrested. It does sound like a racially motivated attack.


When the Bully is suddenly met with a physical response, the cowardice inside the bully sometimes comes to the forefront, sometimes!


Hello and welcome @Elbert4


Based on the attacker’s size, I was thinking more like stopping the threat!


It’s just Tuesday in the LA metropolis where anyone can be a victim of a random, senseless crime, anywhere, anytime. This made the news 'cause it happened to be captured by a video camera.

Another reason not to live in LA.


Problem is it would be hard to argue that an apparently unarmed big guy walking across the street is an imminent threat in the absence of some other indicators like threatening speech. It wasn’t until he suddenly started to throw the punch that he became a clearly imminent threat.

But if the old guy said hey back off and Mr. Thug kept coming then I think pepper spray would be legally justified.


Or you show him GOD!

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