Situational Awareness Is NOT Enough...You Must Take Action! | USCCA

How do you keep yourself and your loved ones safe? You might carry a gun or some other type of weapon. You certainly pay attention to what’s going on around you. But do you have a plan?

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Ive thought about this many many times and honestly I’m not sure what I would do? I have my children with me everywhere I go and I always wondered if I were to hit the gas a go what if that person starts shooting and a bullet hits one of my babies? Is that still the best decision in this scenario? Could I live with myself if it wasn’t the best decision? Any advice? I live in a not so good area and I’m constantly having my head on a swivel. Its a habit know matter were I’m at. Even then what would be the best choice when I have my three children’s lives in my hands too make the decision to comply or hit the gas.


This is what I do when pulling up to a ATM, my firearm is on my lap if someone was to get up to my window I would be ready to defend myself, I am always checking my mirrors for anything that is not looking normal! If I was to see someone approaching me with a gun I would hit the gas and get out of there…chances are they would not shoot and if they did I would rather take my chances than be a sitting duck!
Everyone has to make their own plans for each situation they are in! Hope this might help you in your direction. May the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY bless.

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I always use the ATM during day when needed…I pull up close so that anyone approaching could NOT get between me and the ATM…I also have transaction in left hand, and gun in right hand…perhaps it’s the NRA Life member sticker on bumper, or I just look like a hard target, and the ATM used to be part of a Bank branch but they closed because of frequent holdups around the bank…so far the years have not presented a problem, but that’s how I solve it should there be one. Should some nut attempt a broken window to access car…let’s just say there will be blood spilled. I also use the ATM very infrequently. I try and stay safe.

I’m a new gun owner and I’ve been doing lots of research about laws, situational awareness and other things of that nature. I decided to respond to this because I often times find myself needing to stop at an atm machine at night and it is kind of nerve wracking. I definitely keep my head on a swivel and never use one with no overhead light but it’s still very eerie. I never thought about keeping the vehicle in drive while making my transaction. Thanks for the tip.

@Jutunn Welcome to the community. Lots more good info here.