Should I shoot: ATM

You’re at the ATM taking out money when in the reflection you can see someone rushing up to you.

How do you stay safe when you’re at the ATM?


This is exactly why I never use an ATM unless it is in a busy location and I can see around me or I’m in my car.

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I only use the ATM, at the drive up spot at my bank. All doors locked, only my window down. To many meth heads in my area. If, I saw something really suspicious, I’ll yank my card and drive off. They can have the 40 bucks if things have gone that sideways. If they are armed, and I’m in imminent threat for my life, we’ll, we don’t call my truck Rolling Thunder for nothing.

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Either go inside a bank, or purchase a pack of gum and use debit card to get cash back.

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Drive through only or ATM at busy locations (store, restaurant, etc). TG, I’ve never found myself in situation when someone rushed up to me at ATM…:crossed_fingers:

Situational awareness and only using machines in familiar and relatively trusted locations. That and don’t watch the machine, watch your surroundings.I


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My Belgian is always with me if I have to visit an ATM, as are my friends Smith & Wesson or Heckler & Koch

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ATM’s are catnip to armed robbers. If you must use one evaluate the situation before even approaching it and be on a heightened state of alert.

If the only ATM available is in an isolated location that’s easily targeted don’t be afraid to call and see if a local cop can swing by while you use it.

Whenever possible avoid putting yourself in a vulnerable position and don’t be afraid to get the heck out of there if the situation becomes the least bit dicey.

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