15 Tips for Staying Safe at the Cash Machine | USCCA

As we Americans prepare to ride out whatever coronavirus is bringing our way, we’re seeing some banks closing their lobbies in response to the pandemic. This can leave you with little choice but to use drive-up banking and automated teller machines, which can present unique safety challenges. If you’re withdrawing cash away from the security of a bank’s interior, keep the following in mind:

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Do you think it’s important to keep extra cash on hand during social distancing?

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I decided to keep 2 thousand in twenties. I have a secure vault and alarm system so to me I don’t see a downside. Only my wife knows about the $. I prefer to avoid the NEED to go to an ATM for cash in the middle of the night if something comes up. My take on this.

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I have had about $40 bucks in cash. I usually never have cash, but I’m holding onto it for now. You never know when you go by a traditional taco stand that doesn’t take cards.

Absolutely! Nancy and I keep $2000.00 in the safe and we each have $$$ in our get home bags. :wink: