Show off your Damascus... everything!


Soooo… I went down a rabbit hole looking at glock models and then glock mods and then found this over at
Now I have to say I really have no desire to sexy-up my glock… I like industrial, but THIS, now…
:bangbang: Damascus :bangbang: need I say more?

yeah at $1500 I’m probably not getting one soon but… Damascus… just sayin’…

So what’s your favorite damascus anything? Got a knife or… whatever? do share!


I don’t have any yet, but Mother’s Day is coming up and my kids need some ideas… :blush:

And I always need another hobby, @James could you help me make a blade like the top left one:

@W5tdn, I bet we could figure out a way to make the handle like turning a pen… Hmmm… In all of our spare time. :laughing:


@Dawn I was looking at the tiger claw just this morning! Ooooooo…!

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@Dawn A karambit? Grinding those is tough. I also do stabilized wood blanks for my scales, and could hook you up with some for pen blanks.


There was a gentleman in the range today picking up a transfer - it was a long gun with Damascus barrels. It was beautiful! I didn’t ask permission for pictures of his gun. This looks somewhat like it:

It was a thing of beauty - very much a piece of artwork in it’s own right!

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That’s beautiful! You can see the consistent way the steel was worked.

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