For Edged Weapons Fans

Three sources here are Atlanta Cutlery Corporation and its branch - Museum Replicas - and Kult of Athena. You’ll spend a good hour+ looking at all they offer, even replica clothing, if you want to gambol about as a musketeer or a pirate - good stuff for collectors. FYI


I’ve confessed this before, I’m something of a sucker for knives. I like the craftsmanship that goes into them. I’ve parted with good money more than once over a well-made knife, despite the fact that I’d rather wrestle a crocodile than get in a knife fight.


Remember Bill Moran, his Lime Kiln knives, who re-discovered how to make Damascus steel? When his waiting period for orders reached 6 years, he began refunding deposits. The last time I shopped Randalls, their waiting time was up to 3.

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Polearms are the way to go!


Re: my above link. Just got an email from Adam. Tax laws, he’s had enough. GOINGgone will get you 20 percent of what’s left, and he will be using barter system for future custom work.20% off everything until April 20th.

Thanks for the link and promo code. Picked up the kitchen clever for the deer shack.:+1:


I watched a guy working on Damascus steel a few years ago. It sure looked like a process.

That is still a taxable transaction by the IRS regs.

I love a good looking blade, but for me to buy it, it really has to be well made. I actually trust my abilities with a blade, more than I trust my firearm. That’s why I carry multiple blades. The blades are more of a get up off me bish. So I can get my firearm out. I can get my firearm drawn and shots off in less than a second. If you are in range though, I’m so much faster with a blade.

I fell in love with Karambits and Damascus Steel, when I was learning Escrima at a young age. Once I was out of the Military, I found someone who did Damascus steel and convinced them to teach me. Creating Damascus steel is a fairly lengthy process and for me it was easier to just buy it.

I will say, if anyone runs into a recipe for Toledo steel you will be rich.