"Bo" Randall and Bill Moran

Randall Knives is still in business, believe it or not. “Bo” Randall was an orange-grower in Orlando FL who took up knifemaking as a hobby in the 1930s, and is credited for starting the interest and surge in handmade knives. Of note are his #12 “Raymond Thorp” bowie and #17 “Astro” knife - both reside in the Smithsonian. Bill Moran made forged knives, and is credited for re-discovering Damascus steel and founding the American Bladesmith Society - the one knife of his I admired was his “Cinquedea”, Both were original members of The Knifemakers Guild, and eventually became “Hall of Fame” members. FYI

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I carried a Randall while flying the Alaska bush in a Piper PA-18 Super Cub back in '94
Great knife. Still have it.

The steel used in Randall knives was always described as “Swedish tool steel” - it didn’t show up in the knife steel catalogs until 1965 as O-1, an oil-quenched alloy. Moran’s re-discovery of Damascus began the era of “art” knives in this country, where geometric patterns and animal images such as butterflies were forged into the blades. I tried to get my foot in the door with Gerber when I was a junior in college by sending Pete Gerber sketches of what became their “A” series “Armorhide” knives, although Al Mar was given the eventual credit for them. FYI