Non-EDC guns, blades, leather. Enthusiast? Collector? Hobbyists?

I own a fair amount of SD EDC type guns but these are just tools. My love lies elsewhere…

I like all types of guns, have a collector’s license and over the decades I’ve built and sold several personal “collections” such as USA Military Rifles of the 20th century.

My current kick is Cowboy guns and classic S&W revolvers, also a big fan of good leather. Here’s a few of my current favorites:


Any of you into collecting? Have some pictures to share?


I’m collecting some serious envy. Nice leather and handguns.


I don’t have much of anything that lacks a practical defense-oriented application.

Although I’m stretching it a bit with the shotguns, I know my carbines are simply objectively superior but nobody wants to argue with a gauge across a residential hallways so there’s that.

I suppose the mosin nagant is a collector piece lol


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Thanks. The toys put a smile on my face.


Moisins are very nice rifles that were highly undervalued when they started getting imported into the country. I remember my buddy had barrels or them, pick anyone you want, for $65!!! I wish I’d brought them all.


Mine was $80 and my basically new SKS was $135. Not quite these days


I’ve always loved firearms and anything related including edge weapons and such. Over the years I’ve hunted, shot trap, IDPA, Cowboy action shooting and just about anything that requires a gun to go boom is good for me.

But it’s all about the actual guns and knives. I have enough hunting rifles to kill anything that moves in every continent. But if I didn’t hunt I’d still own the same guns.

Lately I’ve gotten into vintage .22s

My current love affairs include a Winchester pump 1906 built in 1909 and a MINT Husqvarna single shot bolt action built in 1959. Almost impossible to find craftsmanship like that in guns made nowadays.

I spent Saturday setting the sights on both for CCI Longs, a favorite round of mine because the noise is negligible so you can fire them basically anywhere.


Yeah… they’re a bit more nowadays :rofl:

Closest thing to a collectors item I have is similar to yours. This one was given to me by my grandpa when I was around 8-9 years old. The only thing that isn’t original is the Ammo Tube, it got “lost” a few years back.
I can’t figure out why most of these are Model 1906-, mine just says Mod. .06-

That’s a beauty and great family provenance which I love. In 1916 Winchester dropped the “Model 1906” in Favor of just “Model 06” but the still kept the spacing on the roll mark.

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Yea, I’m thinking I’ll pass it on to my grandson Will when he’s ready. He’s 3 now so I’ll wait a few years.

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Just some CMP purchases that I made in the nick of time, before supplies ran out.
They’re not EDC by any means, but are staged appropriately if needed.

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More fun stuff including a non-gun tool

I’ve been keeping the local bladesmiths in business​:us::grin:

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I used to be a collector, but gave it up to concentrate on my EDCs.
I still have a fondness for replica black powder revolvers, pre-'64 Winchesters, the Mauser 1871(a long story this,) Single Action Army, and N frame S&Ws.
I find the mechanics and Histories fascinating and the accuracy often quite impressive.
being a senior on a fixed income my collecting days are over, but old guns are quite useful—my legally required survival kit rifle when I flew a Super Cub around Alaska in '94 was a circa 1915 Winchester 1894 that could shoot tacks. It was stamped with Ordnance Corps insignia from WW1 and from what I could gather was issued to sentries to guard domestic infrastructure such as railroad lines and ports when Springfields and Enfield battle rifles were in short supply

I do collect a few things, knives, tabletop war gaming miniatures, military paraphernalia, and don’t get me started about my warped sense of humor t-shirts.

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Wow I would love to own a gun with a history like that one! My favorite 1894 that I own is an octagon barrel made in 1918. It’s a full length rifle with a factory tang peep, stamped .30WCF with a pristine bore. It still rings a gong at 200 yards all day long with not much effort in my part. It was obviously an “out West” gun set up to shoot at moderate distances at big game. Whoever was the original owner did a great job of carving a full body elk on the stock. God if that rifle could talk…


Regarding vintage leather, I ran across some holsters made by the George Lawrence Co. - they had a distinctive burgundy color as a standard offering. One of their really unusual holsters utilized a “snap-flap” that covered and protected the gun, but offered a function like a thumb-break on drawing it. FYI

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George Lawrence leather is rising in value in the collectors world. They did have some interesting designs and I’m always looking for pristine examples from them as well as Heiser, Bucheimer and other contemporaries.

Viking (Mexico) used to make leather for other companies including Browning and their stuff is superb and can still be found for reasonable money, though that’s changing fast.

I don’t think that any were collectable but I had a number of pocket knives from my granpa, some of which were probably passed done to him, that I gave to my son a few years back. Wish I had a picture of them.
However this is a “multitool” that my son made me for my birthday this year.

Certainly one of a kind.