Shoulder rig

I’m looking for a shoulder rig with a double pouch for my Bersa Thunder .380 and also for my Beretta 92FS Compact. I’m kind of frugal, but I won’t won’t compromise quality for cost. For those of you who own one, can you recommend a shoulder rig?

Thank you.


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If you see me on the motorcycle its a good bet I am wearing a Shoulder rig.

I had a good leather one custom made by someone local to me after trying a few different inexpensive nonleather ones. I did buy and use cheap ones to find out what I did and didn’t like before getting the custom one made. I will say I don’t like the elastic tie down straps on the cheap ones. They just dont hold up.

My advice is spend the money on a quality leather rig made for your make and model.



Have you tried a shoulder holster system before? You might not like it. I’ve been happy with my Galco shoulder holsters, but had to swap straps and break them in.

Just spit-balling…

If price were a consideration but I wanted a decent brand, I’d start with a left handed Galco Lite for the Bersa (bersa would sit under your right armpit). You can still carry your 92 on the belt to test out whether you like that form of carry. If so, then you could purchase the Galco 92FS right handed shoulder component (holster part only), and swap that out with the magazine holder (Galco’s shoulder holsters have compatible components). Then, if you still like that but find the straps too thin, purchase the 2.75" Galco shoulder straps to swap for the Lite’s straps.

This would start you off with a minimal investment, and add-on if you still want to go down that road. Be aware, if you tuck your shirt in or wear a form fitting jacket closed, it prints A LOT. Also, if you don’t use the tie down straps (I don’t), the holster/magazine pouch needs to ride high, right under the armpit to keep it from swaying. However, I haven’t tried the 92 vertical holster system (VHS), so I can only assume you need the tie down for that.


I’m looking at getting a shoulder holster when I buy an RIA GI style 1911 but the issue is that the galco site doesn’t list RIA as a brand they support. So that kinda leaves me in a lurch. (I don’t have the 1911 yet. I’m just doing preliminary research and trying to find out what I can get for a holster prior to buying a 1911)



Call their customer support line and ask specific questions.

See if you can get a full money back option if you order it and it doesn’t “Fit right”

Never hurts to ask


That’s a good idea. I’ll definitely do that when I get closer to the purchase. (I’m just waiting until Im 21)


Now I have another question for you D, if it’s a 1911, couldn’t I just select another manufacturer’s 1911 with the same barrel length and use that for a RIA 1911 for the galco shoulder system?

I would think so but I have not done it.

@luke_ouellette Yes. A 1911 is 1911 is a 1911. I have 2 shoulder holsters I will post pics of tomorrow. :+1:

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I was also curious about fitment (hypothetical as I only have one 1911 style firearm), as some brands have ambi safeties, some models have rails, some models have full length dust covers, some models (at least in the past) have squared trigger guards, some models have non-traditional barrel lengths (both over 5" AND in between the Officer/Defender length and Commander length), some models have taller sights for silencers and threaded barrels, and IIRC, Sig 1911’s have a blockier slide.

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This holster is from NRA Tactical. I looked it up again at the NRA Store and aparently they don’t carry them anymore. Well :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.
The belt straps I made myself to replace the nylon straps which were useless.

This one is my favorite, an original U.S. Military shoulder holster for the .45. It fits well even with a light rail. I found the holster at a local Flea Market for $20.00. :+1:


My favorite. :wink:

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The NRA Tactical holds the XDM with light rail better the 1911 and is very comfortable. :wink:

I just ordered an Alien Gear Cloak shoulder rig with mag carriers. Left hand.