Type of holster?

Seen this on the Bosch series on amazon on a detective, looks like you just slip it over one arm at a time

leather, two magazine capacity. Would like any help in finding out the type it’s called and a place to order one, TY


Just my opinion. I have one for my .45 Ruger. On mine and I speak of mine alone. I have had times where I have had to use both hands, one on holster and one to draw both gun and magazine.

That could be user ignorance on my part, but I do know how to take care of leather, and it’s very grippy.



I don’t know the exact brand/model, but its just a shoulder holster. There are probably many that feature the firearm on one side and mags on the other to balance the weight.


This is usually a big debate.
As a guy who carries everyday, I don’t like it.
As an instructor, I don’t recommend it.
Is it right for you? Maybe.

Securing the firearm is possible with this (that picture shows a bit secure gun).

“Flagging” issues. Often a debate about breaking a universal rule arises — don’t point your gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy. The argument suggest that, when carrying like this, you’re constantly flagging everyone behind you.

That’s fair, but I don’t entirely agree. A gun in a holster should be as secure as a gun in a box, or safe, albeit loaded.

Pointing a holstered is not the same as pointing an unholstered gun.

These are my opinions and not necessarily those if the USCCA or NRA.

There are circumstances when it would be wrong to do so, but in this particular case of a shoulder rig, I think it does not violate any universal safety rules.

That being said, other than very comfortable, many other things about this are awkward and potentially dangerous.

Donning. Draw. Re-bolstering. All need specific practice and hours of reps.


Look at these:



Remember - good holster doesn’t cost <$100 .
And another thing - with horizontal shoulder holster you ALWAYS violate firearm security rules.


Miami Classic?

Galco may be a source.


Miami Classic sounds like real detective’s holster :point_up_2:


I use two different Galco shoulder holster systems as well as mixed and matched components. I’m pretty sure this is not a Galco. If you give me a season, episode, and time stamp I could check it out on my Amazon Prime (I’ve watched most of the first season awhile back).

That beings said, if you are looking for a shoulder holster system, there are some cons, on top of the flagging… If you don’t wear a belt strap to secure it, it needs to be tucked pretty high near your armpit to stop the swaying. The standard leather straps can pinch you between your chest and your armpit (I swapped both the magazine holster and went for the wide, 2.75" straps for my Galcos). You should do the initial adjustments, then wear it for a week or two, then adjust it again as the leather forms to your body (haven’t tried the nylon options).

I’ll add, that it prints A LOT (although it may be related to my body type). It looks like I’m trying to hold two small dictionaries under my armpits. I’ll usually only wear this system with a bulky winter jacket, or as a “goes bump in the night” rig, since it’s quick for me to put on, and it has a reload (and later I’ll add a flashlight to one of the magazine holders). I put it on like a backpack. Also, when the weather is cold enough for a bulky jacket, I prefer the shoulder holster when doing a lot of physical labor, e.g. sawing up demolished wooden cabinetry, using the snowblower, carrying big, heavy equipment or boxes, digging with a shovel, etc.

There are additional safety concerns, e.g. while drawing AND re-holstering, but that is a different conversation.


The more modern types of halter holsters have loops attached to the bottom ends at both sides. They allow your belt to stabilize the holster/magazine while you draw. The one in the picture looks like it just flops around under your coat.


I should also mention, as we all like ragging on Hollywood gun snafus… It looks like they took a left handed holster and mounted it in a right handed orientation. The thumb snap is usually on the body side of the firearm.

It looks a little like the Aker 101 Comfort-Flex, which I think is a less expensive version of the Galco Jackass Rig.

Aker 101:

Galco Jackass:

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