Should I be concerned that the state (CA) has leaked all my personal information?

On one hand this list could be a list bad guys want to avoid but on the other it could be a target list…thoughts? Class action potential at some point?


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I wouldn’t panic but I would keep a really really close eye out. Make sure your firearms are either on your person or locked up tight.


Class action potential is a ‘yes’ imo…


+1 on leaving that place!


Class actions have punitive effect on the liable party, but if you are a victim of home invasion because of this, getting $5 from class action is not helpful. So do not rush to join the class action, as you may lose the right to sue individually.

Unfortunately, I have to agree to the advice to get out of Soviet California. You see the methods Dem rulers use to get what they want.


Apparently SSNs weren’t part of the leaked info----if you can believe that.


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To directly answer the question posed by the title of this thread…Yes.


Officials state that the leak was “accidental”. In CA. Yeah, right…


I agree with you Richard56. Accidental! Somehow part of me thinks that there red flag laws might fall in with all that info being released . And if works in one place, look out.:triumph:stay safe everyone :+1:


Off the topic of home invasion and all that, you may want to put a lock on your credit with 1 of the “big 3” agencies. I had my data leaked in the past, and you can put a hold on your credit that supposedly prevents new loans/credit/credit cards, etc., using your information from being approved.


Call the Firearms Policy Coalition. About the lawuts and such.

As for the rest I be would reviewing my Oh Sh*t, the fecal matter has hit the impellor blade at high velocity plan with the family.


My wife read that they will be reaching out to offer credit protection “on them”. I’m wondering if accepting anything voids any future claim, we’ll see if/when the letter gets here.


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll do that.

I would assume that any offer CA gives you does not have your best interest in mind. I would probably ask a lawyer to review anything before you accept it.

I also think that any class actions are highly unlikely to pay anything significant. Certainly no where near enough to cover the costs and threats this action has placed on your family especially if you suffer a home invasion because of it. Though proving a home invasion was directly linked to this event would likely be difficult so you may not win a personal lawsuit.

I would be talking to a lawyer and making sure my security measures were as good as I could afford to make them. At the very least make sure you have a good safe for your firearms and other valuables, get a good alarm system and make sure you have a good action plan for what to do when it goes off.


There are 3 Chinese curses:

  1. May you live in interesting times
  2. May you come to the attention of higher authority
  3. May ALL of your dreams come true.

CA’s release/leak falls into curses 2 & 3.

In my rural Colorado county, the former sheriff reported CCW licensees to NCIC, the database used by law enforcement to identify crooks and wanted people. His rationale was “officer safety” so that when officers stopped a car or handled someone, they could see whether they had CCW license. That had the potential of turning a routine traffic stop into a felony stop if the cop was afraid of you because you were flagged as weapon-carrying individual. However, the Colorado legislature subsequently banned that practice, but whether the NCIC database was purged of CCW holders is anybody’s guess.

Imagine life insurance companies, homeowners insurance companies and health insurance companies searching databases for info on whether you are a firearms owner and CCW holder and then adjusting your rates for the extra risk the believe that creates. Or, some progressive local social service agency looking into whether you are a suitable parent or adopter and seeing that, yes, you are one of “those” people who own and carry firearms.

Nothing good can come of a public release of firearms or CCW information, and it will likely be information that is abused by government agencies.