Sheriff Candidates that support Shall Issue/2nd Amendment

Currently I live in Santa Clara County (San Jose) CA. Today we are electing a new Sheriff, as the previous 6 term Sheriff is under investigation for malfeasance (Lauri Smith, receiving pay-offs from people desiring a Concealed Carry Permit) Does anyone have an idea as to which of the 5 currently running this office supports concealed carry ?


Asking too late IMO

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Didn’t realize that I was going to have difficulty finding that info. Polls are open for another 6 hours.

Edit: Called the NRA and they do track candidates, but not down to the County Sheriff’s level. I explained that the Sheriffs Office actually controls the issuance of CCW permits, regardless of state laws. He agreed and said that he would bring it up.


Sacramento: We had a hotly-contested election 10 years ago. Thankfully, Sheriff Jones won against lifetime Democrat Cooper.
We saw its benefit when the county was one of the more prominent places where Antifa couldn’t impose their will.

Sadly, Cooper was elected assemblyman a few years later and is now running for sheriff a second time.


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