San Bernardino County Sheriff Department CCW Good Cause

Hello all,

I’m looking for a little help. I currently have a CCW with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s department. It has not expired yet and I’m in the process of completing my renewal application.

The application is a little different this time. They are now asking for a “good cause” for issuing a CCW.

Has anyone encountered this before?


@MikeBKY lol I know I’m always hollering your name but you can break down those legal terms way better than me!

I can think of all sorts of “good cause” but let “our” good friend and experienced attorney help you out!

Welcome aboard as well, @David313 !


San Bernadino… is that in California? I think the whole state requires “good cause” and then its up to the Sheriff to decide if thats legitimate or not. If you are in one of the counties that regularly issues CCW then I would guess you can put almost anything like “to defend myself”, but if you are in one of those counties that regularly denies CCW then it doesnt matter what you put you wont get one.

But I agree with @Randall318 I think @MikeBKY would be far better equipped to answer. Also, maybe @Dawn or @Zee might know?


I didn’t try to get my permit in CA when I was there as the sheriff in San Diego had made it clear there was NO cause good enough to give a civilian a gun :angry:

That being said, I think you’re going to want something more than “because its my second amendment right”… though that SHOULD be enough.

Maybe things along the lines of:
I work alone at night…
I transport cash to and from the bank for my business…
I travel alone at odd hours for my work…
I am often in remote areas…
I’ve been threatened…
I have a chronic back injury and cannot effectively defend myself if I am assaulted…

Maybe @KenM has some insight, hes in CA. I think @Hailey is too?


I am in Sacramento County, which has been good about issuing CCW under the current Sheriff. Such that there is a 6 month back log. For my cause, I debated saying, how I have been assaulted before and such, but was told, to keep it short. So, what I ended up saying is, “I am a mother, and a wife, and I need and want to protect myself and my family.”


Hello @David313, Sheriff McMahon from what I understand is satisfied with stating the quote “for personal protection”. So long as you meet the criteria under the law he’ll approve it. Ask your instructor who qualified you what is required for San Bernardino County.


Sorry for the delay in responding. The unfortunate issue in CA is that Good Cause is very subjective. It can be met when dealing with large sums of money or you or someone close to you is a LEO, judge, DA, etc. or you carry other valuable equipment on a regular basis, i.e. camera, computers, jewelry.
The problem is that good cause is whatever the decision maker says it is.


:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

Well it is CALI we are talking about, maybe I should not be so offended.

Did you guys hear that one county sheriff in California who now is required to submit all permit holder’s names for public view?

He sent out an apology (Not his fault) but the apology is good as garbage) and said he protected their right to best of his ability.


Here’s an updated map showing level of good cause issue for CA.

Most of CA is able to get a CCW with minimum to moderate cause. Now as @MikeBKY pointed out, in a can issue county such as Los Angeles the definition of cause is subjective to that sheriff’s opinion vs a shall issue county such as surrounding Ventura, Kern, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange County is very willing to citizens as well and support the 2nd amendment.


Thanks @KenM, I knew you’d knock this answer out of the park :smiley: :+1:


@Zee, things have changed for the better in San DIego since you’ve left…