SF Chronicle CCW info request

I read an article this morning. The San Fransisco Chronicle newspaper submitted a request for information on local area Ca. CCW holders to the Sutter County Sheriffs office. Fortunately from what I read, not all of the info they requested was given, the Sheriff only gave minimal information. The article hinted that this kind of request may be coming to your county. I’m going to contact my Sheriff’s office and request they give no information what-so-ever. Legally, I think, they have to give some though. Here’s the article link;


Interesting isn’t it, a San Francisco newspaper seeking CCW information from counties far and gone from their nominal ‘sphere of influence.’ I suppose it is considered plucking the easy low hanging fruit of going after a county registry which is a small fraction of their metro county(ies) population(s). Seriously, can we trade California for some equal amount of Russian land in Kamchatka, Poluostrov might do?

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Heard about this from Guns & Gadgets UTuber, Jared a few weeks ago. The coolest part of it was that the sheriff served and protected those in his jurisdiction. The EditorNChief proceeded to shame the sheriff afterward for the action he took, trying to make it seem, publicly, that the paper was the injured party, not those whose info was provided under California law.

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I understand. I don’t really like the idea either, but when the pollution is so bad that there is no way to clean it… I mean seriously in exchange maybe <1% of the population, looking forward to being able to continue to be free. People who still live for the most part close to the land. Not too many nuclear devices detonated or dropped from the sky in a missile fault… miles of nearly virgin lands, rivers, and oceanfront… And, and, and! Putin gets what he wants too! Could be great for everyone!

(I know, it’s out there for me too. But, desperation makes for extraordinary leaps of accepting possibilities!)