hFormer Santa Clara County sheriff found guilty on 6 counts of corruption, misconduct by: Aaron Tolentino Posted: Nov 3, 2022 / 03:03 PM PDT Updated: Nov 4, 2022 / 07:43 AM PDT

Corruption In High Office

Chances are that this corruption occurred long before entering office.


First off, it all a ‘Civil’ matter, no criminal charges. I suspect this kind of stuff goes on pretty much everywhere. The part that caught my eye and, to me, is the most sketchy is:
"giving out concealed carry licenses to campaign donors "
The way I understand it, in those jurisdictions the “Sherriff” makes the final decision about who gets a permit. So in this case she certainly could have ignored some of the dangerous signs that keep many from getting permits. That, to me, seems like it should be a criminal matter.


EXACTLY!!! We will have to see how it shakes out for her. But it was stated that all who were denied could re-submit their applications for consideration for a permit. And for those that were thrown in the trash, well, they will have to simply start from scratch. Absolute power corrupts absolutely…or something like that…

Sorta puts me in remembrance of the days of J. Edgar Hoover, and the movie “The Untouchables.”

Added: She probably abruptly retired so as to activate that pension!


My understanding is that the only way to get a permit in her jurisdiction was to pay her off in one way or another with far more money than the average citizen could afford. And it was well known for a long time. Glad someone finally did something about it. But I think you are absolutely right. This should be a criminal matter and she should be in jail right now. Not to mention that every citizen who was denied or told not to bother applying should receive some significant compensation from the county for being denied their right to defend themselves.


Things like using guilty for civil trials in a headline are just another example of media sources being a bit misleading


@Nathan57, so, are you saying that using the terms “civil” and “guilty” in the same sentence is a bit of a misnomer, or just downright wrong architecture?

= Dishonest = Lie


Glad that the sheriff got what she deserved. CCW instructor advised us not to trust Bay Area LEOs.
Not meaning to paint with a broad brush but this sheriff is one of the reasons why we received the advice.