Santa Clara Sheriff Indicted For Pay-to-Play

The Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury has indicted Sheriff Laurie Smith for willful and corrupt misconduct in office.

On Tuesday, the Civil Grand Jury accused Sheriff Smith on seven counts. heriff Smith is being indicted for:

Count 1: Illegally issuing concealed carry weapon permits (CCW) to VIP’s
Count 2: Failing to properly investigate whether non-VIP’s should receive CCW permits
Count 3: Keeping non-VIP CCW applications pending indefinitely
Count 4: Illegally accepting suite tickets, food, and drinks at Sharks game
Count 5: Failing to report Sharks game gifts on financial documents
Count 6: Committing perjury by failing to disclose Sharks game gifts
Count 7: Failing to cooperate with internal affairs investigation surrounding treatment of Andrew Hogan

How’s your County Sheriff doing?
Mine’s great but he’s not running for re-election.


If she is guilty, I hope they throw the “book” at her. It bugs me when people think they are above the law, especially if they are in law enforcement.


She reminds me of the police chief in L.A. Confidential.
Only in movies, it’s not.

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If she is guilty she needs to pay for her crimes law enforcement or not. It is an embarrassment to those clean officers who try to do the job the right way. I will follow the trial and get the facts before I make judgement.


I doubt any of the permits she issued will be recalled.

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