SHAME On You Ammo Makers!

Almost as soon as I added two .45 pistols to my shopping list - the 5" Grand Power P45L and the 4.6" S & W 2.0 Thumb Safety models - I dropped them. The major factor determining my decision to finally add a .45 to my “using” collection was the choice of at least four standard-velocity, 200-grain JHPs available for it - the total LACK of matching, 200-grain target ammo made my decision to drop them just as easy. SHAME again on you - Federal, Hornady, Sig Sauer, and Winchester - I shouldn’t have to shop other unfamiliar brands!

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you don’t roll your own??? :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

45 ACP is one of the easiest rounds to load

don’t depend on others to supply your rounds

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Why not 230gr for everything?

Also, I don’t think the little bullet weight difference for practice ammo will matter

Also, just my opinion…picking ONE go-to JHP defensive round and stocking up on that one (after testing it in your gun in your hands) is the way to go. Im’ partial to HST or Gold Dot, but…pick one and move on to other decisions. JMO