A 200-Grain, .45 JHP Poll

I’m going to use a brand-new Smith 2.0 with a 4.6" barrel for this load size - and all in standard velocities. The brands I’m using are from Federal, Hornady, Sig Sauer, and Winchester. If anyone has any pros or cons, chime in.

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I load only Hornady Critical Defense or Critical Duty in every EDC I use. Tried and fired many different brands in a wide range of calibers. Hornady makes a consistently, reliable round that I can rely on. Just my opinion.


My pro, based on reliability over a long time with tons of shooters and departments, is to pick a Federal HST or a Speer Gold Dot…any of them…and use that.

Though sectional density + what’s generally available and chosen by LEA’s has me voting 230gr for .45 ACP anyway


I have Federal Law Enforcement HST myself. It was the expansion of the round that inspired me to go that way. I train with FMJ 230 grain rounds.