A 200-Grain, .45 JHP Poll

I’m going to use a brand-new Smith 2.0 with a 4.6" barrel for this load size - and all in standard velocities. The brands I’m using are from Federal, Hornady, Sig Sauer, and Winchester. If anyone has any pros or cons, chime in.

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I load only Hornady Critical Defense or Critical Duty in every EDC I use. Tried and fired many different brands in a wide range of calibers. Hornady makes a consistently, reliable round that I can rely on. Just my opinion.


My pro, based on reliability over a long time with tons of shooters and departments, is to pick a Federal HST or a Speer Gold Dot…any of them…and use that.

Though sectional density + what’s generally available and chosen by LEA’s has me voting 230gr for .45 ACP anyway


I have Federal Law Enforcement HST myself. It was the expansion of the round that inspired me to go that way. I train with FMJ 230 grain rounds.


I believe John Browning proposed that the 45 Auto would load a 200 grn bullet, but the Army wanted a 230 grn round to more closely match the 45 Colt’s performance.

I’ve used 200 grn…never one to question JMB…but that sectional density idea keeps pulling me back to the 230 grn.

Slow, fat, and heavy bullets are well proven. Sorry, Mr Browning. :wink:

In the end, what did you choose, Kurt?


I’m staying with the 200-grain .

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