200-Grain, .45 ACP SD Ammo

I’ve seen four sources for these - Hornady’s “Custom” XTP JHP - Sig Sauer’s “V-Crown” - Winchester’s “Ready Defense” (Red Box) - and two from Federal - their 205-grain “Syntech Defense” segmented HP, and their 210-grain “Hydra-Shok Deep”. I’m presuming that these were intended as a heavier bullet choice than a 185-grainer for the compact, short-barrel .45s now on the market, so what’s been your experiences in the bigger guns, with 4.5" - 5" barrels? They should wring out the maximum performance in these loads - any comments regarding this old, ball-busting caliber?

P. S. - The Winchester uses what rhey call their “Hex-Vent” hollowpoint.

Preference towards either Speer Gold Dot 230gr or Federal HST 230gr. All barrel lengths.

That’s my .45 ACP self defense comment. :slight_smile: