200-Grain Ammo For The ,40 S & W & The .45ACP

Has anyone tried this grain-weight in these two calibers? It’s virtually non-existent for the .40 - there are several loads for the .45, but there’s a lack of matching FMJ/TMJ ammo. Black Hills makes a 200-grain SWC, but I’ve seen comments that it’s finicky - due to feeding - in some guns. Good or bad - comments, anyone? I’m sticking to standard velocities, disregarding +P loads. The guns I’ll be using - in .45, at least - are the S & W M & P 2.0 with the 4.6" barrel, and the Grand Power LP45 with the 5". THX - KURT

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My only experience with 200 grain in those calibers were:

  1. Remington 45ACP 200 grain +P Golden Saber (the old version). That was my preferred 45 load until they stopped making it. It fed well in all of my 45’s (I don’t have a .45 1911 though).

  2. PMC Bronze 10mm 200 grain FMJ-TC. I bought a box of 50 to test out my mods to a Kimber 10mm, and it functioned flawlessly.

However, I don’t know how well 200 grain 45’s function in general. For example, some Corbon 45 HP’s use a very wide and deep HP cavity. The casings are also slightly wider than some competitors. Not only do they not fit in my Kahr 45’s (Kahr 45’s have a notoriously tight chamber), but the HP shape deforms when feeding… I don’t remember whether I checked for the deformity with the USP, but it fed fine.

Similarly, one topic for debate is the pros/cons of 180 grains bullets in 40S&W. This is the weight I often shoot. It’s been debated that the size of the 180 grain limits the powder capacity more than 165 or lighter options, and the potential for issues with bullet setback or QC could cause bad consequences. If you are worried about this, I would assume a 200 grain version might increase the potential for such things.

Additional info if you’re interested… from Chuck Hawk’s “The Sectional Density of Handgun Bullets”:

.40 / 10mm caliber (.400")
155 grain, SD .138
165 grain, SD .147
180 grain, SD .161
200 grain, SD .179

.45 caliber (.451-.452")
185 grain, SD .130
200 grain, SD .140
225 grain, SD .158
230 grain, SD .162

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