.45ACP Carry Ammo suggestions

For the past couple of years, my .45ACP carry ammo has been WWB 230gr JHP.
I’ve found it to be excellent and nothing like the WWB 230gr Ball, which I’ve found deposits
stubborn soot over everything.
Since the ammo shortage WWB 230gr JHP has be unobtainable around here and the price elsewhere
has climbed to $65/box of 50.
My last two or three boxes are now a few years old and really need to be replace with fresh factory ammo.
So I’m looking around for other brands of 230gr JHP to test.
I prefer LPP brass because I do save spent shells for reloading and all the brass in my stash is LPP.
Also I think what makes the WWB JHP so reliable is the bullet profile is almost identical to Ball ammo, so that would be another consideration.
My Government Model has fixed sights registered for 230 gr ammo, so I prefer 230 gr ammo since any defensive ammo is going to be premium priced these days.
I’m down on Remington because I got a dangerously defective .38 Spl in a box two years ago and Remington didn’t even bother to respond to the email I sent them, so if they don’t care about their customer (me) I’m not going to spend any more money on Big Green :rage:
Any suggestions?
I’ve seen Grizzly and Speer but don’t know anything about them.
I haven’t even seen any Hornady around here.
Any suggestions on what to look for? What to try out?


Would you consider these, I have found Underwood ammo to be very high grade. At a $1.00 a round is a good deal. Also a +P version.

$24.99 (20% Off)
Low Stock:
Decrease Quantity of 45 ACP 230gr. Sporting Jacketed Hollow Point Hunting & Self Defense Ammo
Increase Quantity of 45 ACP 230gr. Sporting Jacketed Hollow Point Hunting & Self Defense Ammo
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UPC: 816874022587
Whether you punch paper, shoot steel, or use your handgun for hunting, Nosler® ensures you have the very finest in accuracy, consistency and overall quality. Each bullet is produced on the most advanced, fully automated machinery and, like our premium rifle bullets, Nosler® hand inspects and then polishes all Sporting Handgun™ bullets to a bright finish. 1 Tapered Copper Alloy Jacket Extremely concentric, tapered jacket is built for maximum accuracy and enhances game-taking ability. 2 Form-Fitted Pure Lead Core Allows for reliable expansion and maximum accuracy across a broad velocity range. Dedicated Machinery Means Uniform Consistency Production Lots Are Never Mixed Each Bullet is Visually Inspected Our Quality is Legendary!

Nickel-plated brass casings, our nickel plating process provides several key benefits, not limited to but including; improved feeding in all actions of firearms enhanced corrosion resistance over traditional brass, improved cosmetics, and ease of cleanup during reloading. Nickel-plated casings will not tarnish like brass during storage or when in contact with foreign materials such as leather, moisture, and other metals.

As with all of Underwood Ammo™ rounds, we utilize flash suppressed powder so that your vision will not be compromised if it becomes necessary to use your firearm in low light.

While taking advantage of our state of the art testing equipment, this high-performance ammunition is field tested using popular, real firearms that our customers are most likely to own out in the real world with all the elements you would experience.

This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases.

This ammo is for cartridge size .45 ACP.
The bullet is made from Copper, Lead.
The diameter (caliber) of this bullet is 0.451.
This bullet weighs 230 grains.
This bullet leaves the barrel at 920 feet per second.
The ammo case is made from Nickel Plated Brass.
This ammo is a proven round for hunting.
The bullet in this product does contain lead.
This round is designed to be subsonic and travels slower than the speed of sound.
The muzzle energy of this ammo is 432 ft lbs.
This product has been designed to be an effective choice for the ultimate in self-defense applications.
The bullet in this product has a Sectional Density, (SD) of 0.161538747878048. SD is the ratio of an object’s mass to its cross sectional area with respect to a given axis. It conveys how well an object’s mass is distributed (by its shape) to overcome resistance along that axis.
This ammo IS SAFE to use in a suppressor.
The bullet in this ammo has a ballistic coefficient (G1) of 0.183 - Generally, the higher the coefficient, the more stable the projectile will be in flight.
Each box of ammo contains 20 loaded pieces of ammunition.
This ammo is manufactured by Underwood Ammo


I have been using Federal Law Enforcement HST. I have been picking it up for .89 cents a round.


Not defending what Remington did in the past and their failed response, but I believe Vista Outdoors bought the Remington ammunition brand. So it’s under the same management as Federal/CCI/Speer now.

Since you are a hand loader, have you tried the 230 grain Hornady XTP bullet? It’s probably a little different profile than ball but feeds flawlessly in my handguns. And expands like the pictures show when I tested it in wet phone books.

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And if you like more horsepower get some Vihtavuori 3N37 powder. The max load calculates to 491 ft/lbs of energy.
The starting load with Vihtavuori N350 powder delivers 349 ft/lbs energy.

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Thanks! All stuff to consider.
One big consideration is what’s available locally, as I’m in CA

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Federal HST
Speer Gold Dot

Acceptable (old docgkr list)
.45 ACP:
Barnes XPB 160 & 185 gr JHP (copper bullet)
Federal HST 230 gr JHP (P45HST2)
Federal HST 230 gr +P JHP (P45HST1)
Federal Tactical 230 gr JHP (LE45T1)
Speer Gold Dot 230 gr JHP
Speer Gold Dot 230 gr +P JHP
Winchester Ranger-T 230 gr JHP (RA45T)
Winchester Ranger-T 230 gr +P JHP (RA45TP)


Loaded up February 2020 when it was $1.00 a round
Snappy little round but very accurate and expensive, the wife said spare no expense! Who doesn’t listen to their wife?

My very first answer to your question, .45ACP Carry Ammo suggestions, was “a lot”.
Whatever you can get your hands on right now! Come November, nothing is going to matter! If we win, they will destroy us.
If they win, they will destroy us!

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Midway ships to California last time I checked.
Winchester white box is in stock along with 13 other 230 grain hollow point options.

Underwood Ammo is a great place to begin
to find some of the best ammunition. Many
other places that sell ammunitions are fighting back to regain their inventory and the cost is very high.

At Underwood, you have a supply to meet anyones needs from target practice to the
Big Game.


Ammo shipped in to CA has to go through a CA FFL holder if you can find one who will accept it, so yet another fee is tacked on in addition to more Newsom hoops to jump through.
Unless I buy case, which I can’t afford, it’s usually not worth the hassle

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It’s currently $45 per box and free shipping on orders over $50 so…

How bad are the FFL ammo fees?

I, personally, like Hornady “Critical Duty”. I run that in all of my .45’s


While I won’t argue with any of the choices mentioned, I have watched Lucky Gunners tests and Barnes and Winchester RANGER T expanded the most and created the biggest temp. and permanent wound channels. For defense that is the goal.

I have learned to ALWAYS test carry ammo before relying on it, It happens that the best ammo and the best gun sometimes do not get along. so my first criteria is what tests reliable in THE EXACT GUN it is to be carried in. Next is what shoots accurately for me in that gun, As a result, One gets Fed HST, and one gets Hornady critical defense. HST for the full size, Critical defense for the short barrel carry option.

Interestingly, Winchester white box JHP’s are a reliable back up ammo for both guns.

Given the expense of re-testing a new ammo for reliability in a given gun, I will go to some lengths to get at least a minimal carry supply of a tested and favored loading.

This has forced me to buy some ammo online, from Midway. I guess as long as SOMEONE will still ship their merchandise it’s ok, but I’m not one for buying a box of ammo I only get to see AFTER I’ve paid for it.


As a person who has ordered, let’s say a lot, of a lot of different kinds, of ammo from a lot of different manufacturers, for years, let me assure you, if you buy major manufacturer’s ammo from a major online retailer, you have no worries.

And you are sure to find a better deal ordering online than you can get locally. Of course, the more you buy, the better the deal, as in, case quantities are best (though a lot of places now are doing free shipping if you spend $200 or more in ammo)


I’ve been very happy with Midway; they are one of my favorite companies to buy from. Never had reason to complain about anything from them. To your point, the ammo I have acquired from them has always arrived in pristine condition.


Midway is in the top tier of my list of places to buy.


I might also go so far as to add an up vote for Underwood ammo as a consideration. My experience with it is limited, and not with the .45 auto, however, in the chambering I have experience with, the underwood load came in as a top choice, reliability and apparent quality were two of the big reasons.

So the desired Winchester white box ammo is in stock with free shipping. I posted a link.

Does anyone know what the California ffl shops charge for the transfer? The op never answered my question about that.

Around here it’s probably $25 for a firearm transfer from online purchases. I don’t see how ammunition would be any more difficult?