.45ACP Carry Ammo suggestions

Actually, I do have Hornady XTP bullets that I reload but, not for self- defense ammo.

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I’ve become a fan of Vihtavuori powder after the peaceful protests and other events a couple years ago sparked the most recent primer and powder shortage. Vihtavuori was always more expensive than the other brands then and they were the last to go out of stock, so I started buying their powders then. Now they are the same price or $5 more per pound, and I like the performance so they are generally my first pick in calibers they have data for. The app with their load data is free, so it’s quick and easy to see if the freshly in stock powder is something useful for me.

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I have 16 lbs. of red dot for my .45 reloads but I am very short on primers! I am always looking for large pistol primers.


I was doing an inventory of my ammo a couple months ago, and found I had a whole ammo can of .45 ACP Hornady Critical Defense. Must have bought it more than 10 years ago on sale, then completely forgot about it. Boy, was I jazzed!


I just learned that Sportsman’s Warehouse will ship Winchester 230gr JHP to their local store in town.
That’s a good thing! :+1:


I’m relatively new to the .45 arena and it is not my preferred caliber but as others have mentioned I think it is hard to go wrong with HST or Gold Dots in .45 or 9mm.


My most carried is a Kahr CW45 with a 3.64" barrel. Luckily, Lucky Gunner’s .45 tests use this same firearm: https://www.luckygunner.com/labs/self-defense-ammo-ballistic-tests/#45ACP

I also was using WWB 230gr JHP and have a hard time getting it locally recently (haven’t tried asking the FFL to order it - IL). I’ll sometimes carry the Fed 230gr HST (not +P) or Speer Gold Dot 230gr if they have some, but they are more expensive.

I do switch to the Speer GD 230gr Short Barrel when I’m using the PM45 though.

I liked the Rem Golden Saber 185gr +P but they dc’ed it. It did have a harder kick though.


I suppose I am more traditional. The 185 grain bullet is only the weight of a 22 rimfire bullet heavier than the heavy 9 mm standard loading. In my opinion you might as well just use the 9 mm if you’re going to use the 185 grain 45. The 9 mm 147 grain bullet has better sectional density versus the lighter45 bullets.


Yes, I do have a suggestion.


Many other great options available so check those out as well.


Thanks! I am just getting started on the road to reloading and am planning on using Vihtavuori N320 as it’s very popular in USPCA shooting competitions. This app will help a great deal with that!


Currently in stock! Vihtavuori N320