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@Sheepdog556 recommended:

As a place online to get good prices on ammo.

The recommendation was from: How much equipment do you keep on hand?

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What’s special about the sgammo site? Is the quality of to rounds high quality?


It was the one I used as an example of how to post in this area. You can see more details on the original post. :slight_smile:


So far, the SIG Sauer Line up of ammo has been great. At least in 9mm and 45ACP. Pairing the SIG ammo with a SIG seems to also be a great combo! Who would of thought?

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I just saw a recall on ammo.

Winchester have issued a recall notice on several lots of their 130 grain Full Metal Jacket.38 Special white box [ammunition]. This is due to the possibility that they have incorrect powderloadings.

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I love white birch armory. They have flat rate shipping.
Up to 50# is 15$


I reload all my match and target Ammo, I use Plus P for carry.

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I’m with Steve on reloading the match and practice ammo. I shoot 125 grn 9mm for practice, typically xtreme Bullets or the blue Bullets.

For carry ammo, 100% Federal HST for both 9mm and .45 acp. +P for the short barrel.

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I only use sgammo because his prices are great for the ammo I buy. His shipping is very reasonable and it has never taken more than 3 days to get to me. That could be because I’m close to his location

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Have you ever looked into Target Sports USA? They offer free shipping on cases of ammo, but also offer a Prime Ammo Membership for 95 dollars per year, which gives you free shipping on everything, regardless of quantity. I’ve ordered one box of ammo to try out with no shipping costs. As a member you also save 8 per cent on all orders and you get a mystery gift based on your order history

I’ve been told that if you don’t save the cost of the 95 dollar membership, they refund you the difference, but I can’t confirm that. I’m four months into the membership and have already saved about 2/3 the cost of it in ammo orders.


You can still get it cheaper from a lot of other places.

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Possibly, but I should’ve also pointed out that they are one of the very few companies that will ship to Massachusetts residents. The AG here has made it difficult for companies to ship here, stating that anyone selling ammo has to have an actual physical address in MA to do so. With that in mind, when someone found one who would, they’d post it on a forum and be flamed because people worried that the AG was monitoring the forum and go after the company shipping the ammo.

Well, Target Sports has literally told MA gun owners to spread the word that they ship to MA and that they have their lawyers ready for the AG. For that reason alone I’d pay more to support them, LOL.

There also aren’t a lot of places nearby me that sell ammo. The nearest Cabela’s is about a 20 minute ride, maybe more. There’s a Dick’s close by, but I won’t buy from them. A range right in my city has been blackballed for being a willing participant in a news story about how easy it is to buy ammo online supposedly without a permit, so they can go die in a corner.

When I buy 9mm, it’s by the case of 1,000, comes out to about .17 per round for what I shoot at the range (American Federal). I haven’t seen it cheaper than that around here. UPS guy has it at my door within a couple of days.


That’s a different story! I did see that have a sweet deal on American Eagle .223 right now.

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Yeah, plus Federal is running some rebates. Last night I applied for my third rebate of 20 dollars since they started running it. I looked at my order history and saw that I’ve ordered over 4000 rounds since December. Guess I need to pick up the pace a little!

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Look at this poor guy. He needs to be utilized for the reason he’s in existence!!


Empty ones are trophies. :grinning:

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His brother is much happier. I just hope they don’t get into the whole “Dad likes you better!” argument.


@Kerryman71 do you talk with your ammo? You might need to take a day. Lol.


Only when tucking it in for the night, or if it refuses to shoot straight.


I enjoy these conversations in left field.

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