"Senior Assassin" Player Wins His Prize

Wheelchair for life must be a jackpot of stupid prizes… The story is featuring another iconic character - “Crazy Father of a Little Princess”


Everybody was wrong.

I wonder what prize of a prison sentence the father will get for, IDK, attempted murder, or whatever it goes down as

Here is what I gather from the article

  • Teen girl and BF are in parking lot

  • Three senior/teen boys shoot them with Nerf/whatever gel balls

  • Girl goes inside and calls dad

  • Dad shows up, tracks down the teen boys, and reportedly confronts them leading to dad running up to the car and shooting a person in the car, paralyzing him

  • Father/shooter arrested and charged with attempted 1st degree murder


These stories are what the gun control advocates use when they say we shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns

Based on the writing of this article, I cannot see any self defense


Agreed, while the kids involved were being stupid, dad was way out of line having NOT been on scene at the initial “gel gun” shooting.


Pretty succinct summary of the article. There was no self defense, at least based on the article itself. This sounds more like vengeance. Now, we don’t know the whole story, so maybe something is missing. But, honestly, I can’t imagine what it would be.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes will likely end up applying to both sides on this one. The person assaulting innocent people with projectiles while playing the Senior Assassin game gets to likely be paralyzed for life. The father likely gets to spend a lot of time in jail for playing judge, jury and attempted executioner.

The initial assault had ended. The cops should have been called immediately to confront the teens who were dumb enough to hang around. Even if the father has some sort of viable self defense argument he is going to have a very hard and very expensive time trying to prove it.


The other thing here is that this is just a stupid game. NO ONE was ever in a deadly situation until Dad brought a gun and attacked. This is not what carrying is for. The poor kid who got shot, no way he deserved that.

You lost me at, poor kid!

I’m not defending the dad but have little sympathy for the kid!


There must come a time when EVERY Generation looks to the
coming Generation(s) (we expect them to take the reigns)

And just shake our heads.
I am NOT saying the Father was right, I am saying ‘How could he know?’
(it was a prank-toy) The real problem was the ‘Taunt’ from the other kid.
In my world I am taught to avoid/see a THREAT Before bad shyte happens.
THAT is how you live to grow old.
And if some idiots pointing a replica gun at MY daughter I don’t think I
am going to ask ‘Excuse me son is that real or Matel?’

‘I am your Senior Assassin!’ um Bang Bang! Play stupid games…


So, I high school kid is playing a stupid game, which was over at the point dad showed up by the way, and you think it’s his fault?
Have you seen this game? Most use squirt guns. SQUIRT GUNS, It is a stupid little game that seniors in high school are playing. No way this kid should be crippled for the rest of his life. There was no immediate danger to the dad or his daughter.

Do you blame the woman in the short skirt who gets raped because she “deserves it”?

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I think this is beyond a stupid game. There is the likely fact that shooting people with projectiles would be considered assault even if those projectiles are not lethal. The projectiles could also cause serious harm if they hit a bad spot. And squirt guns wouldn’t make the threat any less either. There have been attacks where people put chemicals or infectious agents in squirt guns/spray bottles.

Then there is the fact that they are staging assassination attacks on people. This makes it likely that eventually someone will mistake these “play” attacks for real ones. Eventually an LEO or civilian defender is going to mistake these actions for a real threat and respond with lethal force. Then not only do the players risk getting killed but they risk getting innocent bystanders killed as well.

So no the kid did not deserve getting shot in after the event retaliation. But the stupid “game” he was playing did make someone getting shot with a real gun a lot more likely and that is 100% the fault of himself and those he was “playing” the game with.


I’m sorry, did you read the article?
The game was over!!! The situation happened. The girl and her boyfriend LEFT THE PARKING LOT and went into the Walmart.
There was no deadly threat during the game with glorified squirt guns and certainly there was none after the incident. This was NOT self defense of himself or his daughter.

If you want to think it’s ok to go Rambo after a 17-18 year old kid with a squirt gun then you have completely lost me. That is not what I would sign up for.

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How could he know? This look like a 1911 to you?

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It’s a sad world when your defense of a stupid/dangerous action was ‘I WAS JUST PLAYING!’
Second of all the difference between a Squirt gun (usually Neon Greens and Orange, oversized to hold a large amount of water) is easily discernable to the eye is a split second.
Real looking gun
Shooting actual projectiles
Add the Yelled TAUNT! THREAT!
(Oh, and it was TWO Youths)
and they aimed at this man’s young daughter…

He’s lucky it wasn’t a Head shot

Ever been in a fight Eric? It sucks. People die.
That is why you train
So please train Brother.
Situational Awareness can save you in a shoot/NO shoot situation.


Post retracted by me…


Did you watch the video? Some VERY realistic looking Glock “Squirt guns”.


I am not insulting you I am showing you. You said “I am saying ‘How could he know?’
(it was a prank-toy)” Well, look at the pic and you tell me. It is easy to tell that is not a weapon. I went to the gel blaster website and looked at all the things they sell. None of those toys look like a firearm. None.
If you read the article you know that A) the incident was over. This means there is no deadly threat. b) the dad approached the kids and drew on them. That right there is not a defensive action.
The dad is in the wrong here. Period.

I stand by what I said. The poor kid did not deserve it.

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Yes, Ron, but they clearly called it a ‘gel blaster’. Go look at the gel blaster website and tell me any of those look like a firearm.
I also went on Amazon and looked to see what they have by searching gel blaster. Again, nothing looks like a firearm.


Looks like SIG P320 after voluntary upgrade.

Anger management is a very good way to not playing the judge and avoid jail time.


Should have stuck with eating Tide pods.


Yup. Stupid game.

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