another case of F___KED around and found out


Let me guess, “he was a good boy”.
Yeah, not interested, another one bites the dust! Game over.
More important things to worry about!


The gunshot victim was taken to the hospital, and his condition is not currently public knowledge.

OK, I’ll play… His condition is currently (and always will be):
Toe Tag
Chalk line club
Room temperature
dearly departed
No need for a cap and gown

Oh, and he played the Clarinet and was a member of the 2023 debate team ( He lost the last round!) .


[P]olice investigation shows that the teens had guns and began shooting at the homeowner when the group of teens was interrupted.

Police have confirmed that the homeowner will not be charged as this is a well-supported case of self-defense. Georgia gun laws are clear that if you feel your life and property are in danger, you may protect them with deadly force. There is no obligation to retreat as there is in some other states.

South Fulton, Georgia, has a range of safe to unsafe neighborhoods. Motor vehicle thefts are 33.5% higher from January to June 2023 compared to the first half of 2022.

Vehicle valuations are likely a driving force as supply and demand are driving vehicle values to all-time highs for dependable used vehicles. Many vehicles now have tracking, making it harder for thefts to occur on newer vehicles.


…" Georgia gun laws are clear that if you feel your life and property are in danger, you may protect them with deadly force. There is no obligation to retreat as there is in some other states".
So True,
This may be too simplistic brother for some to understand if you know your local laws (and if you Pac/Carry) you better. If you know what is what and train your ass off, keep your situational awareness up and Stuff still happens you’ll be better prepared for that fight. This guy seems to have done it right. He was fired upon and he returned fire. Unfortunately a Teen died because he was stupid, arrogant, high or under the impression he couldn’t lose…he was wrong. Graveyards are FULL of people who think just because they have a gun they are going to win. You only have to lose once. Not knowing the situation fully maybe he had a plan. It worked for him and he won the day. But somebody still died and that will weigh on him if he doesn’t get a handle on that. But General Patton said it best many years ago “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week”. He took the initiative and fought back. He didn’t wait until he lost his property (or life), He was shot at and still kept his eyes on target. Headshots are keeping your eyes on target. this is why I shoot w/o hearing protection when I can
so I am not shocked by the violence of the shots. If I am rockin’ and rollin’ @ the range it’s full protection, controlled and fun. But if it’s real time, SHTF time I hopefully won’t be unprepared to take action. There are entirely too many asshats with guns out there today. All looking for a fight, steal your stuff, CONTROL ISSUES. If you decide to be a POTG Train up. The last thing I want to see is the muzzle flash of my own weapon taken away from me because I was surprised by a predator who was looking for a fight when I was gathering wool/mind someplace else.
End of sermon for the day.

Warriors are never trained to retire.


Tough situation for the shooter and the victims family. I hate to see kids die because, well they’re kids and their brains are not fully developed until age 25. Let me be clear though, once they began shooting at the homeowner, he did what he had to do, and I don’t fault him for it. I live in Georgia in South Dekalb which borders Fulton County and there is far too much crime in these streets with far too many kids toting guns. In my subdivision alone on July 3rd of this year we had 5 car break ins and one of my neighbors shot a teen 4 times in a very similar incident. My neighbor across the street had his car broken into about 4-6 weeks ago and the thieves stole his Glock 19 from his vehicle and shot through his gearbox and transmission in the process. I see teens packing guns every day in their front pockets or tucked in their waistbands and they don’t have the slightest clue as to how they should handle guns. We live in dangerous times where the mental health of people are declining and the spiritual health is non existent for way too many people.


Have to disagree, there are no more “kids”, they are infantry! Foot soldiers not “qualified” ( 25 years old ) for cavalry!

They don’t compare!



You act like it’s their own fault. They’re children and if they knew better things would be different. Comparing what children live through today to what they lived through in the 60’s and 70’s is like comparing a peanut to a watermelon. My generation wasn’t inundated with social media violence and rhetoric these kids go through today. My generation had one parent working outside the house who made enough money at an average middle class job to buy a house, a car and put two kids through college. These kids don’t have what my generation had as far as opportunities and influences and to pretend they do is entirely disingenuous. I still see lots of kids riding bikes and focusing on being kids in my community, and hopefully they will continue on that path, but it is much harder on them than it ever was on Gen X with both parents having to work to survive and liberal depravity taking its toll on them through social media. Children will always be children and will only follow behind what society has laid out for them. And who exactly is responsible for our crap show of a society? Them or us?


Maybe it’s our fault. We didn’t produce good parents. It’s the parents fault and the governments fault. Most importantly, we sent our jobs overseas!

If they knew better. They have the “world” at their fingertips. I had Brittanica. That 12 - 14 year old knows better. He just doesn’t have a family, the gangs are his family and their mentors are dollars.
Kids today have plenty of opportunities ( pre Biden ) AOC is the one that said they don’t. Kids today take the easy route, if someone is going to give them a hand out who are they to turn it down, and on and on it goes. “Liberal Depravity” is an understatement.

I brought up my children and 10 grandchildren to understand responsibility, courage and respect. These qualities no longer reside in the minds of youth. The only thing that matters are looks and likes.
Very shallow world.

It may not be their fault, but that’s not what’s going through my mind when a 12 year old points a gun at my head.

And of course, when you give all your manufacturing jobs to China, both parents and the 8 year old has to find a job!

Everyone wanted to buy cheap, look how that worked out. When Levi and Wrangler went to some other country, the price went from $12.00 to over $70. and they are already broken in! It took me years of fun in the dirt to get them comfortable!
Maybe kids need tough jeans to take time to break in. They’ve been given everything, so…the devil finds work for idle hands!


I agree with all you said, and if a kid points a gun at me and it’s me or him, I will worry about sympathy and empathy when all is said and done. We have to protect ourselves and our families but that doesn’t make me feel any less for what many of these poor kids go through in today’s world. One of the biggest things affecting children is the music that is put out and pushed on kids today. None of us or these kids own these record labels and those that do only care about money and their personal agendas. I know music played a huge role in how I saw the world and fortunately for me and my generation music was about Love, happiness, and the ups and downs of life.


Agree as well, music very influential. Video games as well. I may be pre-elderly, but I still play. But games like Grand Theft Auto popularizes bad behavior. Don’t get me wrong, art in all forms is permissible. The limits need to be placed on maturity!
I count my blessings no one has come out with a “Jeffery Dahmer all you can eat” game or a Klebold and Harris first person shooter!
I think kids need two traditional parents, schools that teach and jobs that propel them into society as a contribution.
Kids today don’t realize the greatest lessons are learned from failure! They are failing, they just refuse to learn. C’mon, half can’t tell time from an analog clock and none can give change from a dollar!


reminds me of what happened to me this weekend. my bill was 5.51 and I gave the girl 6.01 should have seen the look on her face, totally lost and confused.


Also, one of the worst for me imho are the online influencers. These influencers are complete idiots, and the things kids pick up from them drives me nuts. My two youngest have been homeschooled their entire lives and they are 12 & 13 right now. This year my wife and I decided to put them in an online public school called connections academy where they have homeroom and subject teachers who do online classes and assign homework. This takes the burden off my wife to be their only instructor and put together their curriculum by herself, although she can help them if they don’t understand their assignment. No bad influences from other kids, no bullying or anything of that nature and they learn from different perspectives. They have E-sports teams for rocket league, Valorant, and Madden. Also, various clubs like chess and languages. It’s also nice that they have multiple monthly field trips that they can be signed up for and go to so they can actually meet and get to know their online classmates. But yet they are in a safe environment while doing schoolwork where my wife and I can guide their education and influences.


Maybe she had difficulty calculating the change after taking inflation into accoumt. $0.5 * 0.42% doesn’t come out to a whole cent. :sunglasses:


Did she give you a $10 back? :smiley:


[quote=“Scott52, post:9, topic:94277”]
“It may not be their fault, but that’s not what’s going through my mind when a 12 year old points a gun at my head”
Hey, not tryin’ to be a wise-ass or callous prick here. I grew up middle class, Woodhaven Queens, NYC, both parents worked (Healthcare) father was an A-hole, survived a Massacre in the CBI (China, Burma, India) came home messed up, Iron fist, leather belt, whatever was @ hand, left home @ (16) First Apartment $200 a month, Joined Armored @ (18) Killed my first two Idiots (6) months later, they blew away my partner I was responsible for keeping alive (he made a mistake and paid the price). Those two boys (15-17) had Mac-10’s/full auto, I greased both with my .357/hollow points: 1st kid I walked (3) shots up his body last one a head dissolving between the eyes, second kid was zeroing in on me from behind, I heard the clack, clack, clack of an empty gun, I turned as he dropped mag/attempting to load another. Fire was in his eyes Brothers and Sisters, He made the choice…he died for it. I’m not proud of it, but I’m not ashamed of it either. I chose that life and they chose theirs. NO silver spoon in my mouth unless my old man hit me w/ one. We ALL make our beds. Is it rougher for Inner City kids. You bet your ass. But life this time around was never a picnic for me either. I survived through sheer will and a determination I was never going to be an asshat like my Father. I’ve killed A LOT of people who wanted to KILL ME! I’m still here, they ain’t. We all come from different circumstances, backgrounds, We deal as best we can.
Klebold/Harris were Upper class kids (and they were Nuts!) No sympathy. That kid who got his hair parted in the middle above DESERVED to DIE. Cold Hearted? I don’t think so. You pick up a Gun and you shoot at somebody in the commission of a crime, FAFO! There are NO second chances in a gunfight!
The Muslim Insurgents who screamed ALLAH! and charged us got their (72) freaking Virgins and all the gold they could never spend. GOD don’t need no ATM’s! But that was their belief and they died happy!
I don’t care what their beliefs were but they weren’t going to get our Boy’s already suffering and shot up in our AID station.
Take all that for whatever works for you but you point a firearm at me you are gonna DIE! Some here know EXACTLY what I am talking about!
It’s truly about the Brother/Sister next to you!
SURVIVAL, The hell with win the day.
Be breathing to hug each other @ the end of the day.
A celebratory drink to our Fallen brothers/sisters (or a bucket full–whatever works)
You think these kids have it rough?
You are allowed to believe what you wish because that was what this country was all about.
Today the ruling class has a different wish for all of us and I ain’t buying.

Warriors were never trained to retire.


Well he is a good boy now, good and dead, which is a shame because as a teenage boy he could have had a long, prosperous and enjoyable life, but he decided to travel down the wrong path of life and now that will never happen.

Now I don’t like criminals nor do i feel sorry for them, but it really bothers me to hear about what is basically a child getting killed because he also tried to become a criminal.

Back a couple of decades I used to work with prees and teens who where getting into the criminal justice system, most of them where not too bad they where impulsive and didn’t think things out too well, they committed crimes like burglary, property and car theft.

After a few meetings I could tell the consular I worked with which ones had a chance of getting on the right track, they weren’t hard core enough, there where others that really got my attention I never let read me but they got my attention.

And a all too often comment they would tell me was, I’m never coming back here again, I’m gonna get a gun and will kill anyone who try’s to send me back here.

They where too far gone not getting it through their heads they don’t need a gun all they need do is stop committing crimes.

One of the questions I would always ask them was what happens if the other gut has a gun and shoots you first, all to often the answer was then I’m dead and will not be back here again.

Very sick attitude no self worth, no empathy for others, absolutely no respect for the laws and those who enfore them, it was almost like they didn’t have any emotions just hard core anger combined with a a I’ll do anything want to get whatever I want attitude.

These kids where hopeless case’s their future was either in a grave or in prison.

I was a unpaid volunteer, I quit after a couple of years knowing one day I was going to lose it grab one of them by their shirt then beat the crap out of one of them trying to get a little common sense pounded into what few brain cells the kid still had functioning.

And then I would end up in prison.

The really sad part was many of them seems like nice normal kids that was until I got them to trust me a little open up and begin telling what was really going up in their head, then a few, too many turned real ugly allowing me to realize just how dangerous they are.

Now there where some who would break down literally begin crying, then seriously become apologetic, those where ones I knew I had a chance of working with and from what I was told I did a rather good job of guiding them into how to turn their lives around, get back to school, develop some self respect and stay out of trouble.

But I had a couple of thing going for me, I could relate as I was a criminal as a juvenile I just never got caught and I am non-religious which a lot of the other volunteers where and most of them had never been criminals.

Most if not all of these kids no experience with religion and it was in my opinion a distraction of what I was actually there for.

In order for it to work I had to connect with them and religion would not work, but when I would reply to a statement with, yea I used to do that too, more often than not we connected.

And a true fact about all of them most I would say 90%+ where raised by a single mother, in their homes they all lacked a strong male presence. Single mothers lack the skills and strength needed to properly temper teen age boys.


The fact comes down to, if the family structure breaks down, society breaks down. That’s where we stand now.
Almost got warm under the collar by your first paragraph!
Upon reading the rest. “WellBonded” you are!
It seems you can connect. You’re a better man than I, I’ve given up trying to connect and have little empathy for those that stray towards the life of freebies!
I stole a candy bar Baby Ruth and two Bazooka Joe bubblegum
( total value 7¢ ) once! You might ask how is that possible?
When your neighborhood/corner candy store is run by the mafia, you only steal once! Didn’t think 7 cents was worth a couple of fingers!
Never again, call it scared straight. But you’re right these kids, NO RESPECT for ANY authority! It’s the reason I’ve become apathetic to their plight!

When I see articles like this, honestly, I think, oh well ! Proceed with my life! Discipline and a real MAN in the house, could have saved him/her, nothing else!


What I was up against was a family that broke down, two people got married had children and divorced.

Now you can call me a misogynistic A-Ho** if you wish but I believe it takes a male and a female to raise a teen age boy, Mothers are nurturers they teach their boys about love, empathy, respect for others, Fathers are disciplinarians, they temper and train the boy as he grows into a man, some of that training involves the tempering, teenage boys entering puberty go wild, if not tempered with proper discipline they will turn into out of control animals, they also need to be taught self control, for example him and his new girlfriend have made it to bed, lacking self control even though he has a condom in his wallet he is in too much of a hurry to put it on, a few weeks later he has a major problem.

He’s hanging out with some friends and someone thinks it would be a good idea to local shopping center and do a little shoplifting, he needs to have the self confidence and control to say count me out.

And real fathers teach their boys about guns so they understand what a gun can do and what he shouldn’t do with one.

Mothers cannot teach that stuff, they can yell, screech and try to punish but teenage boys ears develop filters that cause then to hear nothing mom is saying likewise her punishments will be ignored and he will do what he wants anyhow.

The largest mistake society has ever made has been eliminating fathers from the family allowing only mothers and other female family members to take over the fathers duties.

The problem began in the black communities where welfare programs paid mothers more if they eliminated having a father in the home, it was a corrosive and destructive program but it produced a lot of people dependent on government and that has always been the goal.

In the past decade that rot in part because of the Women’s Rights movement has made major inroads into the white community and just like in the black communities the result has become dependence on government and a further breakdown of society.

It’s evil and all about control.


You really think because of Welfare $$$ The ‘father’s’ writ Sperm donors weren’t in the picture
because of Welfare checks? They screwed and LEFT! and they SCREWED other Women and LEFT! and there are TON’S of children growing up for eon’s w/o dead beat Daddy to ‘Guide’ them.
These and ton’s of other misconceptions have been EXCUSES for these bad Boi’s and Girlz for decades.
There is zero personal responsibility these days, Bad Behavior is explained away due to Societal Breakdown or Shy upbringing. Well, Boo-Hoo! folks, Some of Non-Inner City kids had the large end of the stick shoved up our asses too and most of us turned out kinda alright.
Today EVERYBODY is getting screwed by our own and we are told to not only ACCEPT it but Like it.

Do you think this .gov got rid of all the restrictions on POT and other nasty drugs for the People to be more free and become viable adults? NO, they screwed people up, got them addicted and made them zombies easier to CONTROL.
** However bad it got for me as a kid, Children, Innocents are so screwed today I don’t know how the suicide rate isn’t sky rocketing! It’s not easy as a kid to stay straight. Inner city pressure to be ‘Jumped in’ is extreme and often necessary for them to stay alive. But make no mistake folks IT’S A CHOICE! and CHOICES bring CONSEQUENCES! FAFO! You think you’re a TOUGH, Banger, GANGSTA NOW? You are 'packing heat now? Well son ‘Pick a plot!’ (Winston JW3)

** I bought a .357 from a doper in a paper bag 100 years ago and it had phuckin’ ‘Lemon Pledge’ on it!
These people think they are tough and the reason we see the above stories so often now is because UNTRAINED (thank GOD)–sh** stupid people try to take the easy road of robbing, threatening and killing People because it makes them more of a man or woman. They got the short end of the stick, they are going to take from people who worked for everything they had and phuck them over to boot!.
Well they are being shown the lead now aren’t they.
You push and push and push Good People and you will
find zero sympathy for your cause and more often than not find yourself very dead now.
We have had enough, We’re being screwed by our own .gov
We;re Invaded
We’re threatened with all sorts of restrictions and Weaponized Alphabets
Our Rights are being trampled daily and they are stealing from their own treasury
to ENRICH themselves and future generations of Corruptables.
If you are paying attention the LIES are catching up to them
What worked for so long is not working anymore
You can only cry Wolf for so long before it gets old and tired.
American’s are HURTING (A LOTOF US!)
and you tell us we are doing great? BS!
The next time the BLM/Anti-Phucks rise up they will probably be cut down
in a hail of lead. NO MORE! You can’t kill us and tell us you are Oppressed!
It doesn’t work like that anymore you phuckers.
WE ARE PISSED! and that means You will NOT get your way anymore.
They are seeing they are yesterday’s news and the Illegal migrant are the NEW NEWS.
All the entitlements that once went to them is now migrant bound. And they are getting pushed
out of every freebie they have gotten use to. The Latino/Black communities have NEVER been in worse shape. Now they are leaving the demoncrat Meal Ticket for Trump who friggin’ want us ALL to rise up!
Not just the Elites.
We won’t make it to NOVEMBER folks. No worries either.
EVERYONE (except the sheep) see through the lies and distortions, the Lawfare (that’s crumbling against Trump) and all the money disappearing into these EVIL peoples pockets, they see clearly the Division being created the HATE! against everybody It’s already a CIVIL WAR and the .gov created it!

They are heading for the lifeboats and THEY KNOW there aren’t enough for all of them. Kamala is going to be thrown under the bus soon. She is a disaster. And she will be sacrificed and probably blame Trump for doing it.
These kids today see the crappy mess the world is in and it must feel good to rob from businesses, Break Sh** and terrorize people well, that is going to stop.
Chaos only runs so long before the Pendulum swings back and Reason and Justic id=s restored.
Be patient Brothers and Sisters it will happen, it always does.

But it’s gonna get loud and people are goingto die.
Stay Frosty!
Where We Go 1 We Go ALL