Selling a Classic Car

I “gave” my 1965 Convertible Mustang to my son on his 25th birthday (7 years ago). I say “gave” because every time I tried to make the title transfer he always said he would rather spend our time together fishing, boating, or shooting rather than at the tag office.

He is now married and between boat, motorcycles, and other toys, they have been renting a storage space for it for a number of years now. We have made the difficult decision it is time to sell the Mustang - I am not going into details, but trust me the decision has not been made lightly, nor has it been a knee-jerk reaction.

Our problem is we know the car is very collectable. It has the entire original interior, original 289 engine and transmission, etc. and even still has the original Ford Paint QC" stamps. Most don’t even know the paint QC stamps exist because there are not many left intact. With that said, we have no idea how to value the car, much less where or how to market and sell it for what it is worth. I am hoping some of you have experience in this arena and could provide me some tips.

Thank you,
Gary H

I know this post will have to be reviewed before it is released, so I will look for some photos I can post when it is released.


@Gary_H selling a “child” is always tough but better to let it go to someone who will love it rather than let it rot.

That said, Hemmings Motor News has multiple listings for folks that will “evaluate” cars that may be local to you. Much like selling a collectable firearm, get multiple estimates. Then the next question is How to sell. Private? Auction, Listing etc. Lots of Mustang sites and clubs out there.




When it comes to high value collectibles and real estate I find that a knowledgeable intermediary is worth the fee. They take all the hassle out of it, normally have a ready market and at the end you’ll probably end up with more money because they will price it right and know where to go for the cash.


Check with some local car clubs. Find one of the Ford faithful in that group, and ask them. They might even have someone “looking” for what you are selling.


I agree with @Enzo_T about getting a classic car appraisal done to get the range of value. I few hundred dollars could make a thousand (or more) dollar difference. And provide the appraisal to the buyer.


You can contact any members of the Stallions Gate Mustang & Ford Club they will be happy to help you or you may like to join the club as well.

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I’ll give you $1000 in crisp, cashy money, sight unseen. Whaddya say? :wink:
(That may not sound like much to you, but to me it’s a tremendous powerful fortune of money!)

That will cover the appraisal, just mail the money to me with a notarized agreement to pay full appraised value, and I think we might have a deal (once funds clear the bank of course) :smiley:

Don’t bother with an appraisal–I don’t need one. Besides, no matter what the appraiser says, it’s really only worth what someone will pay for it. I’m just getting the bidding started!
:wink: :wink: :raising_hand_man:

In that case I’ll pay $50.

??? @David38 already beat you by $950 :rofl:

My neighbor at least low balled me @ $30k :thinking:

But I thought the purpose was to underbid everyone in order to win.

When your neighbor offered 30 K, did he mean…
30Kd? (Kuwaiti Dinar = 9.04USD)
30 Kr? (Danish Kroner = 4.80USD…Norwegian Krone = 3.60USD)
30 kc? (Czech Koruna = 1.41USD)

In that case I change my offer to 1000Kr :denmark: :denmark: :denmark: (about 160.00USD) You know, apples to apples and all that.