Car enthusiasts?

We all know everyone here has a serious enthusiasm for our firearms but what about cars? I have been into cars since about 8 years old. My affection leans deep to Chevrolet Camaros. My aunt had a ‘69 Camaro Z28 convertible that I absolutely fell in love with. On my 17th birthday she gave it to me and I’ve been a Camaro guy ever since. I have owned not only the ‘69, but a ‘76, ‘84, ‘02 and my current one, a 2012 45th Anniversary 2SS/RS convertible. Anyone else have the same affection for cars?


Still driving a '70 'vette. (note: my guard dog behind the wheel)



11.5 to 1 all original, including rare factory air on a convertible. (4-speed of course)


Very nice @William220! Love it. My wife has a 2008 Vette as her toy.


Love it! I a sure it runs like a scared rabbit!!

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I had a 48 willies jeep. I wish I never got rid of it. One of the first cars was a 64 Chevy Impala. Got pulled over twice because cops thought I was burning rubber, but it was only oil. Had an MG midget that I forced a small V-6 in it but, it did not take long for the rear end to not be able to deal with the power. I had a 69 Olds with a 400 but nothing really cool like a 63 vette or 69 Dodge Charger.


My dad and I restored a 24 Model T Ford together. I learned a lot!
Later on we had a little car with a British Ford 100e agricultural engine with an Aquaplane Superhead on it—it got 70 mpg highway :blush:


@Todd30 ‘64 Impala is bad ass. One car I wish I could own.

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Actually I think a lot of the new high tech hot ones will out run it, but I love the smell of burnt hydrocarbons in the morning. To me nothing sounds better than a big 4-bbl kicking in while going through the gears. Turbo stuff just does not light my fire the same way. Too Old School I guess…

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I’ve lost count of the jeeps I’ve owned. Of all of them a '49 remains my favorite and the one I wish I had back.

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Agreed. Not into the turbo stuff at all. Give me a naturally aspirated V8 any day of the week. Although I will say some of these modern V8’s out there are pretty decent even in stock mode. The wife’s Vette is 428 hp at the crank and being a very light car is super quick.
Mine has had some mods done. CAI, beefed up cam and a stage 2 tune puts down 483 at the wheels. She’s a tank but quick as well.


would you trade your new one to get the '69 back? Those were something else, as were the LT-1 vette’s

I want to see pics of the '69 :grinning:

A buddy of mine had the hardtop model. He put a 455 in it and ran low 10’s with it (in Florida). I didn’t think he would ever sell, but somebody filmed him on the track one night. A guy drove a trailer down from Indiana with a wad of cash big enough to take it home :grin:

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55 chevy Bel aire 2 door post, superman yellow and white.
406 - turbo 400 3 speed with 355 gears . currently on blocks
waiting for a fuel line flush and a fingers crossed try and start
after 7 years in storage.

:smiley: :smiley:


Just busting balls, but my son’s 1990 Nissan GTR with a 2.6 liter I6 has been dynoed higher than that at the tires. The dyno was set up for one axle only, so they had to disengage the front axle.

I would trade nine for a ‘69 Z28 (Preferably a Indy Pace car edition) any day of the week, yes sir.

@Marcus64 very nice car, another favorite of mine. I am also partial to the ‘57 Chevy Nomad. I would absolutely love to have that car. I need to win the lottery lol.

I can’t say I’m as knowledgeable in this category, but I do have a toy I love quite a bit…


@Gary_H, all good brother but apples and oranges. If I’m not mistaken that’s turbo correct? The GT-R is a bad ass car in its own right.

Beautiful Charger Hellcat @JustinK. Just wished they would have introduced it as a 2 door. Love it though man.