Self-denfense options for healthcare facilities

Say you’re sick and have to go to the doctor :sneezing_face: where they don’t allow carrying. You don’t feel well, you’re unarmed, and you’re in the busy waiting area without anyone with you.

Being sick and run down, how do you handle the situation?

Know the 40% rule

You only use about 40% of what youre actually capable of. No matter how run down or tired you are there is always gonna be something in the tank.
In this scenario i would just look as non threatening as possible so i could maximize the element of surprise if something were to happen that you had to act.


I set myself so that i can exit fast if something happens. I also have a number of itoms that i carry with me that can be carried anywere like a all purpose tool that has things that can be used as weapons just good enought to get me to a safer place…i also keep a weapon in a hidden spot in my truck incase i get fallow out…

My doctors office has no weapons allowed signs in their parking lots, @Keith! The no weapons signs are enforceable in Wisconsin where I live. I spend a lot of extra time walking from the road up the long drive to the doctors offices feeling a bit naked and unprotected. :confused: It’s not bad in summer, but in winter it is a bit chilly :cold_face:

Well im in ohio and havent seen a sign in the parking lots. But if i had to do like you do i would carry a all purpose tool or something thats not classified as a weapon but can be used as one…

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Easy… I never go un one dry also carries, and my other dr which does not like guns in office then my wife holds in her purse just in case.

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I need to go to your doctor, @Drd6315!

In Illinois, any hospital, or hospital affiliate is ano gun zone. A private practice, it is up to the dr. Even when I don’t have my firearm, I have a pocket knife. The only place I don’t have a knife, is a court house, the very rare occasion I’m in one. Since you asking about no gun or knife, I’m thinking it might have something to do with the “Opportunity Everywhere” article in Concealed Carry this month. I’m a fairly big guy, your typical corn fed farmboy, so even a big chair can be a weapon. Even when sick, your adrenal system still functions. Even in an ER roo, maybe especially in an ER room, there’s a blunt object, or a sharp object close by.

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Very good point, @45IPAC! There are some unique weapons of opportunity in a doctors office.

Pens, pencils, books, etc. are all good weapons to know how to use for self defense. I’ve learned that much growing up. I keep my cane in the care Incase I need it but also for self defense. Of course if you’re up against a bad guy with a gun your probably SOL. That’s why I’m hyper vigilant in part. I’ve had bad run ins with bad people. I usually just bite my tongue and play it off. But there have been some really hostile road rage incidents. I’ve never had a problem in a medical office. But now that I go to the VA in a rough part of the city I’m hearing stories of mugging.

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The VA in Milwaukee isn’t in the nicest neighborhood either, @KillJoy. Which is frustrating - even as a non-vet. We should be taking much better care of our veterans!


Yes! I refuse to go to the Milwaukee VA. I saw a guy stab another guy on the sidewalk 100 yards from the door the first time I went there. Thankfully I have good insurance now.

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Dawn, I suggest you change your doctor.

Unfortunately, most places around here have the same no weapons philosophy.

At least the doctors have stopped asking if I have firearms in my home. I’m not sure how that impacts the sinus infection that I was visiting the doctor for last time. :roll_eyes:


Thats funny, maybe he allergic to guns.

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Doctors asking if you have a gun in the home is a federal mandated question that you do not have to affirm. Lie. They have no right to know. My VA Doc freaked. I told her, the :snowflake:, that I use it for the range. It’s actually for self defense. But I love the range too.

Does your Healthcare facility have metal detectors? Mine doesn’t. That’s about all I can say here.

They do have metal detectors. So I will continue to be as alert as possible at the doctors - and do everything I can to not get sick again. :confused:

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I’ve survived without a problem for 57 years. I think I can survive going in places that ban guns. Not thrilled about but I will survive.

the same is posted on my drs office. i addressed my concern with my dr in regards to the sign
my Dr told me he does not have a problem with it.
however i have my first aid bag and have my firearm safely stored inside of it.

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