Where do you/ should you not carry?

I know we’ve discussed “When you carry” or “where you carry“. But I wanted to specifically ask where do you not carry? Do you always avoid places you cannot carry?

1st: I always follow the laws of the state I’m currently in. I do believe there are places where it is okay to ban guns, BUT the reason should not be to reduce crime… I can understand businesses like Gyms for example. Some equipment can be dangerous with a carry gun, and If I owned the gym I would not want liability for a gun locked up in the lockers of my buisness. I can understand Theme Parks, water parks. If you participate in the attractions, something bad could potentially happen or if you store your gun in a locker, I would not want liability. Haunted houses would be another example (you will never find me in one of these). I guess entertainment in a sporadically changing environment.

I do avoid retail businesses that I cannot legally carry in. Sometimes I get dragged to one, and I leave my gun in the car. There is a books store I really like in town, but they do not allow conceal carry, so I avoid them when possible (which is pretty easy with Amazon at my finger tips)

Just looking for an interesting discussion


I was recently in a car accident. I decided to go to the hospital to get checked out, but drove myself there. In my state, hospitals are not an inherently banned area, but they have posted … and in PA, the extent of posting “NO GUNS” in a “not inherently banned area” is “leave or you are trespassing” …

But still, I get checked in, and back to the patient room. I’m taking off my shirt when I realize–in the hurry to get inside and checked out, I forgot that I was carrying. OOPS. Oh yeah, it’s within Philadelphia city limits, too. So who knows what will happen next.

I thought about it for a second, and I just calmly walked out to the closest nurse, and I said, “I need to tell you something, right now. I’m trying to do the right thing … I forgot, in my hurry to come in, that I am carrying a concealed weapon. I don’t know if I should go out and lock it in my car, or what. But I need to make sure you know that I didn’t mean to bring it in.” …

She called the security guard, calmly, and then he came and locked it up. I got it back before I left. NBD.

Would I do it again (on purpose)? no. But if you find yourself in that situation, where it DEFINITELY would be found out (during a CT scan if need be LOL), … definitely come forward early and honestly.

By contrast, I would DEFINITELY NOT carry into a post office. Technically you can’t even have it in their parking lot, so you can’t go if it’s even in your car…
But, IF there were times when I forgot, and IF i realized while I was in there, then I probably would not have said anything but made extra sure my shirt didn’t ride up and finish my business and get out quick. IF.


I carry everywhere where I can and those places I don’t like my job it’s locked in the car. Places like food courts, bars, and fairgrounds where they post no guns it’s locked in the car. Malls only concealed carry I have a permit I just took my pistol off an hour or so ago, I wear it around my house it’s less than an arm length away at all times that’s just me.never carry in a courthouse,prison or where prohibited by law like a police station, but I try to carry anywhere I legally can all the Tim


If it were up to me I would carry every where I go, but since it is not I avoid places I can’t carry.


Yeah, me neither. Supposedly a realtor company is giving a house away here in Louisiana…
There you could make your own laws!!! hahaha

A “haunted house” They say IF you can live there its yours…
TBH: I’m not buying either one of those ideas…
There is always a catch…First being property tax hahaha
and second…ah, well, I’m not a paranormal kinda fella other than Holy Ghost :joy:


I carry everywhere, except:
Sea World, they have the metal detectors out front now.
Airplanes, I do carry if in the airport prior to gate if helping someone.
Schlitterbahn water park.
Disney Cruise Line.
And I guess if DW ever opens back up in Florida


That’s funny. I was referring to the fake haunted houses with tons of actors. If they say a house is really haunted, whether true or not, a gun isn’t going to help you :rofl::joy:


I’m fortunate. In my state, “No Gun” signs are merely considered a request at most businesses. I figure that if I’m really carrying “concealed,” then no one needs to know. It’s too much of a hassle.

The places I don’t carry are those specifically banned by law, such as federal buildings and schools. (Although my state also bans knives in schools and doesn’t define the length of the blade, so I’m technically breaking the law every time I enter because I always have a tiny pocket knife in my pocket or a multi-tool on my belt.) And I leave my pistol secured in my vehicle when I enter a client’s building.

I also don’t carry when it’s just inconvenient. If I’m out running, for example. And I never swim while I’m carrying. :crazy_face:


I avoid most places I can’t carry. However, there are some places I have to go where I can’t carry –

  • Doctor’s office
  • Airport/airplanes

I will turn around and go someplace else, if I arrive and discover my concealed weapon is not allowed. Doesn’t always endear me to my dear spouse…


I won’t carry where it is legally prohibited, where I can’t maintain concealment, or where I can’t maintain (in some form) control of my firearm. Otherwise I pretty much carry everywhere. I do avoid places that express their desire for me not to be armed on their premises and take my business elsewhere. As others have pointed out, this sometimes annoys my wife.

Historically my biggest hinderance to carry has been employers. They all banned firearms inside company facilities. One then added a ban in their parking lots, which made logistics all the more difficult.

Maintaining control of my firearm is probably what gives me the most stress. Is a locker at the gym sufficiently safe, at least when I provide my own lock? I’m fine with the car when I need to run into someplace for a few minutes, but what about for hours at a time? And what to do when we arrive somewhere I can’t carry and valet parking is the only viable option? etc.


My physician is a huge pro2a guy and has actually come out to my range on multiple occasions and had a class from me.


Yeah…my primary care physician has a “no Beretta’s allowed” sign on the front door. I don’t think they’d see the humor in my carrying a Glock in anyway.


Even if the doc is comfortable w/ guns, I’d be wary of spooking a nurse. A lot of times you gotta pull your shirt up for them to get you checked in, basic vitals taken, sometimes even the majority of your visit being handled by them…

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I carry at all times and avoid places that do not allow guns. There are a few places that it is illegal to carry by law. Schools, banks, most federal building and some state government buildings but there are also some places that are legal to carry in Arkansas that I myself believe are bad ideas like bars and some other places that put you in danger needlessly and they all involve alcohol. The one thing I am really glad they have done here if you have a medical dope card you can not get CC and if you have one you have to turn it in.

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My state mandated “No Guns” sign to be at lease 5”x7” inches. Anything less is just another sticker on the door. My general rule of thumb is consistent. Don’t go out of my way to look for “no guns” signs. They are to be place in a conspicuous place or manner. As for the obvious, schools and government buildings… absolutely not.

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I have tried rapping my head around the no firearms in Hospitals, or some clinics? We have a private doctor who I have actually given him a few classes, and he has no restrictions on his office door.

But why, and not being funny or sarcastic, but do they think someone will bring a firearm into a hospital and give it to a dying relative who will be able to off themselves now? Or, someone getting so emotional that there child died from some horrible illness, the are so upset/distressed they kill themselves, or get revenge on a doctor? Other thoughts??? I’m just trying to look at it logically.

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All of the above. Anything is possible nowadays. With regards to statistics, below is a couple links that may be worth reading.


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I read the articles, it looks like there are very very very few shootings inside hospitals and all but a few were basically mercy killings.

A good read, I’m still wondering why law abiding folks are not allowed to carry in a hospital?


Some of those reasons you mentioned would be why hospitals or doctors offices wouldn’t allow firearms on the premises. If they don’t allow it I wouldn’t carry there.

Under the current SITREP, we do not go anywhere we truly cannot carry unless it is absolutely necessary. But I’m not making a list for the bad guys to read on the Internet.