Carry in restricted areas

So I have begun to forget that I have my firearm on me. It is just become a part of my normal routine and activity. I happened to need to go to the bank this afternoon and forgot I had my firearm until I was in the bank for about 5 minutes or so. I believed that banks were restricted areas but looked up the laws from the state and did not see anything mentioned about banks. But my question is: how does one remember what the restricted locations are and then remember to remove your firearm when the situation arises when you have to go in those locations and your firearm has just become a part of you and natural to have with you?


I am not aware of a state that lists banks as off limits for carry. (edit, I was thinking of MT as the one and only but it looks like that is no longer the case, I still know of no state where banks are off limits)

Situational awareness and knowledge of your laws are how you remember.

Don’t forget about post offices, including the parking lot.


All the banks I have looked at and certainly the ones I use don’t post no gun signs on their doors. I suspect they know that many business people bringing in their deposits are going to be armed for their own protection.

I live in a rather gun friendly state so many businesses don’t post the “gun free zone/criminals safe to enter signs”. Unfortunately a lot of medical facilities do though and I have been spending more time in them then I would like over the past 6 months.


Living in NV it is pretty easy to remember where you can and cannot,

Casinos, Spectrum, schools, and any building with a metal detector you cannot carry in.

Really like your post. For me, over time, I learn them. I wish they were more forgiving. I’m more alert to signs. Sometimes having to lock it in the safe box in the car, regrettably having to leave it at home at times. Regions differ. Even where it’s allowed, sometimes I feel better stowing it in my portable lock box in my back pack or saddle bag. Carry on.

The local Whole Foods has a “no firearms” sign (enforced in NM) posted in the window. So anyone carrying has to lock up their firearm before entering. The irony, of course, is there’s a greater chance for an accident to occur during that transfer than keeping the gun in its holster. So they’re not necessarily keeping anyone safer.

As an aside, the store also has an armed guard at the door. So they acknowledge there’s a potential for a violent threat — to such an extent they’re willing to pay for full time security — but don’t you be thinking you’re allowed to defend yourself.

At least it’s not Albuquerque.

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Give the politicians enough time and you will be :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Plus I’d be as concerned with your neighboring city to the north, where Walter White’s saga should have been based.

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shop at another store.

So put another way, you’re encouraging me to break the law or shop at another store. Is that really what you meant to say?

Just drove through that city a couple of days ago. I looked at my wife and said “If we lived here, we’d be home already.” She looked back and said “Uh… no.” :laughing:


Please don’t tell people to break the law. He clearly stated the sign is enforced in NM