Carrying to a doctors office

I’m new to conceal carrying and I have a few doctor appointments coming up and was wondering do you guys carry to the doctors? And if you do what do you do with your gun during X-rays, ultrasounds, etc?


I dont bring mine in, ever. Simply due to metal detectors at some facilities. What if during your checkup, the doc needs to put a stethoscope to your belly, or feel your belly for swelling? Both of which are common. I say leave it locked in the car, if that’s a legal option for you. Good luck, and glad to have you here!


I lock mine up in the car. I deholster as well. I don’t want to scare the crap out of the nice folks at the doctor’s office. I like them very much.


Welcome to the USCCA forum, @Jeremy74.
Are you talking a large hospital and several doctors or are you talking your primary physician?

When I visit my doc, we usually talk guns and if one of us has a new carry, the other demands to check it out.
That’s Ozark Mountain life for ya! :wink:


Well my appointments are at a small office just for my X-rays but I’m still curious if I should carry during normal check ups also

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Talk to your doc. He may be a gun guy!
Be careful, though. If you don’t know him well and he isn’t, some locales allow docs to put things in your file that a gun owner wouldn’t approve of.
I’ve known my doc for years and we shoot together often.
Heck, we were once on a night mountain bike ride when I wrecked and tore open the web of my left hand. We went to his office (after hours) and he stitched it right up. Stopped by his house on the way home for a beer or three.

You just have to know who you’re dealing with. Location plays a big part, also.


Since mine is a pocket gun (LCP) I have always carried it in, that is until recently. My primary care doctor is pro-firearms, but recently posted a sign saying no firearms, please. I complied and asked him why the sign. His response was a guy came in, armed, and during his exam started talking about suicide and taking others with him. I did not debate the flaws in disarming everyone else. He’s a great doctor, it’s his business, so I decided to just abide by his wishes. If I strongly disagree with a business owner I just go to another business. In this case I feel the risk is very low.


I’m sure laws vary from state-to-state. Here in the Southern Carolina, it is actually illegal to carry into a doctor’s office.
SECTION 23-31-215 (M)A permit issued pursuant to this section does not authorize a permit holder to carry a concealable weapon into a:(9) hospital, medical clinic, doctor’s office, or any other facility where medical services or procedures are performed unless expressly authorized by the employer

So…IMO, I think it’s better to just leave it in the car


Welcome to the team @Jeremy74! We are glad to have you!

First rule of thumb…

You’re responsible for your firearm. If you can’t properly secure it, you shouldn’t take it. My recommendation like others is lock it in your vehicle. As much as we don’t like to be unarmed and this being your potential first encounter, it won’t be your last i.e. school, post office, government building.

Good luck!


I try to treat my doctor visit like any federal building. If the appointment is for my wife, I will neither confirm or deny.


Thank you for posting that for us @Wood. I’ve always known that, and abide by it. It’s why my console is a lockbox. It’s come in handy with all the time I’ve had to spend at the various hospitals & Dr’s offices.

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Since I rarely see a doctor, I didn’t think about it until one night after work, I had to visit a church member in the ER.
It’s a good thing i always have a portable lockbox in my car.


Welcome to the neighborhood.

You may find many different viewpoints though I would hope most are at least similar…

I carry to the parking lot, secure my firearm and other items in the vehicle and go visit the doctor.

No awkward questions, no worries about x-rays, or any other thing.

When done, get back in car and reattach the holster, firearm, and other items.


I have actually had my physician as a student for Concealed Carry and Home Defense as well as Defensive Shooting Fundamentals. When I bring my self into the office I carry as well. So is my doc. I lighten up for my weigh in and that’s about it. We talk guns and training, then on to any medical issues.

It doesn’t hurt to just ask them.


Good question, as a retired nurse I can tell you that 100% of all medical facilities are gun free zones, there may be a few small private Doctor’s office that don’t mind, but over all the medical world is sadly gun free zones. Some bigger facilities even give the LEOs a hard time.
Just today I went to an appointment at my VA medical center…found this sign posted at every entrance.
Does anyone else see the irony in the verbiage they use???


Yet, there are knives and scalpels and other weapons ready made and just waiting in the hospital and other medical facilities.

Had a doctor’s office once that said ‘no guns’, then suddenly the sign was gone, so I carried in while waiting, if I had the appointment, I left it in the car.

They do not need to know I carry. Or have any… actually, since online can be used against people…

All mine fell overboard in deep water… and the X to mark the spot kept floating away.


I carry everywhere and that includes my doctor(s) offices. Normally I take the time they give me to undress and put on a gown to slip my CCW into either a daypack or briefcase I bring with me and no one has ever questioned this. As soon as they tell me it’s Ok to get dressed back on my CC gun goes.

Oh and my Doctors all know I carry all the time. None seems to mind and not one of them has ever shown any nervousness, if they did I’d just go to another one. They way I look at it they work for me and I can fire and replace at will.


Hey @Jeremy74,

As many others have said, it depends. Relationship with your doc, gun friendly locale/state, what’s the appointment for.

For me, I lock it up in my car before I go inside. I know the healthcare network provider I have is not gun friendly to begin with and they have a ‘no weapons’ policy (even have signs at the entrance), however signs have no lawful effect in my state.

Now, when I am accompanying my other half to her appointments I do carry because I am not the one that will be examined.


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Welcome to the family and you are in the right place at the right time. God bless you.


True, no legal enforcement in my state either, except they can call the police if they ask you to leave and you do not… trespass.

I am going to say this… and it will cause some to have an aneurysm or blood shooting from their eyeballs…

Our right to carry ends at their door. Regardless of any legal enforcement of a sign or not.

It is just easier for most to secure their firearm in their vehicle, and not create an issue while at the medical facility. If you know your doctor and it is a small private practice, that is different… so it does depend on each individual and situation.

That does not mean however, that I am disarmed. I carry a metal body pen, and I usually have observed the exits and what items are in the waiting room… most anything can be a weapon of opportunity.