My doctor and conceald carry

My primary doctor carries. It’s pretty awesome because after the medical topics, we talk about shooting. My biggest issue is that the hospital that he works with made a rule that he can’t carry in the office. My first thought was that people are nuts. what if a patient gets pissed off and pulls a gun? The second thought is what is he supposed to do? Leave the pistol in the car? That’s not safe. I never leave my sidearm in the car. It’s safer on my person. My doctor just advised me not to mention that I’m carrying to the staff. I would never mention it, hence the term concealed carry. I don’t talk about it with anyone, except my doctor in a closed room. If it’s concealed then no one needs to know.


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Sounds like you have a great doctor!:+1:


Just remember, if you are caught carrying in a hospital, depending upon where you live, it may be a felony. Then no more carry at all.


The AMA and the Demonrat’s are trying very hard to make “gun violence” a medical condition. Throw in the education system which questions your child about gun ownership, spanking, religion drugs and alcohol and you have our current situation. The AMA is trying very hard to get just about everyone on some form of mood stabilizer, anti-depressant, SSRI or some other medication that has a label that says “Do not operate heavy/dangerous equipment”. The end goal is to have everyone on a mood or mind altering drug be banned from owning a firearm and your pharmacist will help them through the DEA’s monitoring of ALL prescription medication transactions. That of course was started to curb the “opioid addiction problem” but now the camel has his nose and neck under the tent flap.




In Louisiana we learned in my CCP class that while the doctors office may have a sign that says ‘No weapons allowed’, according to state law, they don’t have the authority to supersede state law saying that I can carry. Only places as outlined by state law, ie schools, am I prohibited from carrying. I will usually plan accordingly, and I have added a gun safe to my truck so I do feel reasonably comfortable leaving my ccw locked in the truck. Not completely comfortable, but there are times when it has been a necessity, and this did help my comfort level with leaving it behind.


Fish, you are correct. I did leave my Canik in the car when I went to visit my dying mother last year. They had a parking garage so I didn’t feel to bad about it. Craig6 you are also correct. The lefties think gun violence is caused by guns. Gun violence is caused by A-Holes. The funny thing is that Biden said he fires his shotgun off the back porch. Totally not safe. But hey, rules for thee and not for me…


Steven194, I like it. I’m in Pennsylvania and our senators and reps keep telling me they support the 2nd amendment, then they vote for unconstitutional laws. READ IT BEFORE YOU SAY YES!


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@Karl24 Welcome to the community. It’s a good place to pick up information, and people have lots of information to share. :us: :us: :us:


Thank you JohnnyQ60 and Karacal. Hope I spelled those correctly. I’ve been a member of USCCA for over a year now. I didn’t want to speak up here, but these ridiculous gun laws which are unconstitutional are really driving me crazy. I guess I needed to vent. Not to promote a YouTube channel but I do believe in God, family, and guns. God bless all of you and I ask God everyday to straighten our country!


That sounds like my dentist. I mentioned that I am an instructor and he lit up like a little kid. I recently had to have oral surgery, so I left my firearm with my wife while she waited for me to be finished. That was the only time I have ever been in his office without it. He has his own private practice so he gets to carry whenever he wants to.

It’s great that you get to talk about shooting with him. They need more conversations outside of medical topics and the forced small talk just to not seem so business-minded. Good for you.


Big medical organizations are almost all anti-gun. Just recently I did some patient forms, and “do you have guns at home” was lumped together with “do you always were a seat belt”. Needless to say, I didnt answer this question.


Well played, Alexander8. It’s none of their business!


Hello…i have major back issues… and have to go see my pain dr. Every other month… one day i forgot to leave my dc in my car… and normally he just talks and send prescriptions… that day he wanted to look at my back…i stood up and turned my back to him he raised my shirt and seen my weapon…now this from somewhere from the middle east… he lowered my shirt and left never came back…sent the nurse in… well the next visit… i apologized and showed him my cc permit…i could tell he was relieved… and i tild him it wouldnt happen again… told him ive been raised around weapons and im not just some person carrying around a weapon… and i figured my next visit their would be a no weapons sign on the door but so far not there yet…


I take mine to the Dr. office with me, she is actually neutral about it. She’s seen it, acknowledged it ask me to remove it so she could do her exam and that’s pretty much it. Under State Law there are a few places codified against CC but for the most part, it seems here in Utah, most people and companies don’t care.


My doctors feel the same way. I asked one if he carried like I do and he said he wasn’t aloud to in the office. I have to lock mine in a gun safe in the car. I don’t wear shirts or put stickers on my car so they don’t know a pistol might be in the car.

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That sounds like a great Doctor! I wish I could find one of a similar mindset!


@William826 Welcome to the community. Lots of information here and share your experiences with others also. :us: :us: :us:


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